What’s growing?

Seed stand compressed

Several people have asked for a list of the varieties I am growing this season, so here it is, divided into categories:  “Veg,”  “Herbs,” “Edible Flowers” and “Flowers.”  For this post,  only crops grown from seed are included.  Bold print items are started indoors.  In some cases only the earliest plantings are seeded indoors and later ones are direct seeded.

BEANS, bush:  “Dragon Tongue,””Inspiration,””Provider,” “Royal Burgundy,” “Strike”

Beans, Fava:  “Robin Hood,” “Windsor”

Beans, Pole:  “Fortex,” “Kentucky Blue”

Beans, Lima:  “Speckled Calico” pole

Beets: “Bulls Blood,” “Detroit,”” Boltardy,”” Chiaggio,” “Ruby Queen,””Touchstone Gold”

Broccoli:  “Aspa-broc,” “Blue  Wind,” “Red Fire mini”

Brussel Sprout:  “Long Island Improved”

Cabbage:  “Gonzales” mini, “Alcosa” savoy, “Primero” red   “Little Jade” napa

Carrot:  “Adelaide,” “Danvers Half Long,” “Little Finger,” “Nantes Minicore,””New Kuroda” storage, “Chantenay Short Stuff,” “Red Cored Chantenay,” “Royal Chantenay,” “Scarlet Nantes”  (this is the year to really evaluate carrots!)

Cauliflower:  “Minute Man”

Celery:  “Golden Self-Blanching”

Chard:  “Orange Fantasia”

Cipollini:  “Gold Coin,””Bianca Di Maggio”

Cucumber:  “Parisian,””Little Tyke” “Pick A Bushel”

Greens:  Arugula “Runway” and “Slow Bolt,””Tres Fine” endive;  Mesclun Mix;

Kale:  “Dinosaur,” “Dwarf Curled Vates,” “Redbor,” “Red Russian,””Tuscan Baby Leaf”

Kohlrabi:  “Early Purple Vienna,” “Early White Vienna,””Kolibri,”

Lettuce:  “All Year Round,” “Beleah Rose,” “Black Seeded Simpson,” “Bronze Mignonette,””Freckles,” “Gabriella,” “Garden Babies,”“Jericho,””Kagraner Summer,” “May Queen,””New Red Fire,” “Petite Rouge,” “Pomegrante,” “Queen of Crunch,” “Red Deer Tongue,” “Red Romaine,” “SloBolt,””Tom Thumb,”“Little Gem,

Melon:  “Lilliput,””Minnesota Midget,”Sugar Cube,””Tasty Bits,””Green Nutmeg,”          “Mini Love” watermelon  “Gold Crown” watermelon

Okra:  “Jambalaya”

Onion:  :“Italian Red Bassano” I do mostly sets or plants…and lots of garlic and shallots but not from seed.

Paprika:  “Paprika” pepper, “Alma Paprika” pepper

Pea:  “Knight,” Little Marvel,” “Maestro,””Wando”  “Mammoth Melting Sugar,” “Dwarf Grey Sugar” “Little Purple Sugar”

Peppers:  “Blight Buster sweet,” “Early Jalapena,” “Fire N Ice,” “Merlot,” “New Ace,” “Italian Pepperoncini,” “Orange Star,””Sweet Red Cherry,”

Pumpkin:  “Baby Bear,” “Wee Be Little”

Radish:  “French Breakfast” “Watermelon”

Salsify:  “Sandwich Island”

Scallion:  “Evergreen Bunching,” “Italian Red”

Spinach:  “Gangbusters,” “Olympia,” “Summer Perfection,”

Squash, Summer:  “Sunburst, scallop””Cashflow,” “Greyzini”and “Raven” zucchini”; “Ronde de Nice”

Squash, Winter:  “Bush Delicata,””Butterscotch,” “Carnival,” “Honey Bear”

Tomato, small:  “Indigo Cherry Drops,”  “Indigo Blue Beauty,” “Sungold”

Tomato, early:  “Park’s Season Starter,” “Polbig”

Tomato, paste:  La Roma III

Tomato, main crop:  “Chef’s Choice Orange,” “Goliath,””Park’s Whopper,”

Tomatillo   (these self seed…does that really count? 🙂

Turnip:  “Purple Top”

Herbs:  Agastache “Golden Jubilee”; Agastache Purple; cress, borage, Basils  “Amethyst,””Caesar,””Lemon,””Cinnamon,””Italian Genovese,” ‘Dwarf Greek,””Windowbox Mini”; chervil; cilantro “Caribe”; dill “Bouquet”; fennel,  sage, summer savory; chamomile; feverfew;  curly parsley; Italian parsley

Edible FLowers for the potager:  Calendula “Bon Bon Mix”;  Dianthus “Orange Sherbet”; “Hollyhock “Queeny Salmon”; Nasturtium “Climbing Phoenix,””Creamsicle,” “Jewel Peach Melba,” “Tip Top Apricot,”;  Pansy “Frizzle Sizzle Orange,” “Inspire Terra Cotta”;   Salvia “Blue Bedder”; Snapdragon “Liberty Bronze,” “Montego Orange Bi-color,” “Twinny Peach”; Viola “Chantryland,” “Penny Orange,” “Sorbet Citrus Mix”

Flowers: Ageratum “Tall Blue Horizon”; Alyssum, “Peach” and “Gigas White;”  Asarina “Purple”;  “Balloonflower “Miss Tilly”;  “Bells of Ireland”;  Celosia “Tall Orange,” “Fresh Look Orange”; Cosmos, “Sensation Purity,””Snow Sonata,” “Sunny Orange”;  Dahlia “Sunny Reggae”; Feverfew “Gold Moss”; Four O’Clock “Scented Peach Sunset”;  Foxglove “Apricot Faerie Queen”;  Gomphrena “Qis Orange”; Lobelia “Riviera Marine Blue”;  Marigold “Durango Mix,” “Hot Pak Orange” (these are also for potager, but not edible)  Nicotiana  “Jasmine Scented,””Perfume Lime”;  Primula elatior “Piano”;  Rudbeckia “Chim Chimnee”;  Stock “Vintage Peach”; Tithonia “Goldfinger”;  Sunflower  “Dwarf Pastel Mix,””Peach Passion”;  Sweet Pea “Mammoth Choice Salmon,” “Painted Lady”;  Zinnia  “Cupcake Deep Orange,””Decor,” “Inca,””Mighty Lion,” “Oriole,” “Pixie Sunshine,” “Profusion Deep Apricot,” “Profusion Double Deep Salmon.”  Note:  Fewer perennials than last year, because hopefully all those dozens I planted last year will return to fill up space!

This may seem like a lot to some of you, and not so much to others.  It is not nearly so many varieties as I grew when I owned commercial greenhouses, of course.  And remember, I am not growing 100′ rows, just short rows and blocks of lots of things to harvest daily once the growing season starts.  There are enough plantings to can beans, beets, pickles, tomatoes, salsas, etc. and freeze peas, peppers, broccoli, etc.  Also enough herbs to dry for cooking and teas all winter, and bags of pesto for the freezer.  Never enough flowers though!!!!

About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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13 Responses to What’s growing?

  1. Oh my gosh, this is great! I’m only a dabbling, amateur gardener, so this is interesting information.

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten edible flowers.


    • Carolee says:

      Oh, what wonders await if you decide to explore the world of edible flowers. Talk about colorful salads! Cathy Wilkinson Barash has a great book, “Edible Flowers, From Garden to Palate.” (Can you tell I’m old school, I still prefer books to the internet…..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I like books a lot. Internet is great for immediate and fleeting information, but I buy books, paper ones, of anything I want to keep as ongoing reference or for sentimental value.

        Thanks for the tip!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. marymarvella says:

    My daughter would love this blog, and Mama would have written it if blogging had been popular before she passed away!


  3. Wow, definitely sounds a lot to me, another beginner! ☺


  4. Your garden pictured in your header is beautiful. That is a lot of plants you are starting. May they all produce and your freezer overflow. 🙂


  5. I feel like an under-achiever in comparison 🙂


  6. Carolee says:

    Please don’t. We all do what we can do, and what is appropriate for life at that certain point in time. I started with a packet of nasturtiums seeds back in 1965. Planted them along the sidewalk, and they grew, barely bloomed, and promptly died. Way too hot and dry there. But, I learned and grew. After having 21 acres of field grown herbs and everlastings, I feel like an under-achiever now, too, but I am doing what I can manage at this older stage of life, and I’m satisfied. Eventually, I’ll have to cut way back, but for now, I’m still growing!!!


  7. Fire Horse says:

    I love to eat flowers, like squash flowers, violets, nasturtium and I forget what else I’ve eaten. I’m curious what you do with pretty blue borage flowers. My friend’s neighbor (wait, that sounds like the beginning of an urban legend…but it’s not, I think) froze them in ice cubes for serving in drinks at a party. I will never have enough time for that.


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