Applaud the Frog

April is National Frog Month here in the U.S. and since I STILL can’t really get into the gardens as much as I want (rain, hail, thunderstorms, high winds, flooded beds, more rain, and now freezing temps in the forecast again followed by…yep, more rain if not snow!) I’ve been “springing” up the house.  Frogs on shelf compressed  First was the high kitchen shelf, which now has a pair of frogs, some small topiary (fake) boxwoods, a big yellow pitcher filled with daffodils (not shown) and some spring-like flowers.  Next, this antique frog pitcher now takes place of honor in the center of the kitchen table.  Frog pitcher compressed  He’s really much cuter then he looks in this photo.  I love his tiny feet.  A relative now sits on the fireplace mantel in the living room  Frog fat compressed  along with more topiaries.  A spring wreath was added in the hallway, and bouquets of daffodils (yes, I finally have a few to pick, to add to my fake collection.  I only pick those that are bent over from the storms…but that has been the majority of those brave enough to open.)

The songs of the tree frogs are one of the most welcome signs of spring here in central Indiana.  My long-time friend in the southern end of the state always phoned me as soon as she heard them, to assure me that spring would reach me eventually here further north.  I always make a note in my garden journal when I first hear them each Spring.  This year they sang early for one evening, and then buried themselves in the mud as temperatures dropped.  Since then it’s been an on again, off again performance and I’m sure they are getting as frustrated as we gardeners, although they probably don’t really mind the rain as much as we.

But, April is a wonderful time to celebrate the frogs.  And since we can’t garden, we might as well bake some frog cupcakes  frogcupcakes and make some frog canapes frogcanape  and make a frog salad like this one:

frogmelon  If this fellow doesn’t make you smile, you need to seek help.  So, now you know that April showers bring not only May flowers, but also the songs of frogs.  And for that we are thankful.



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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17 Responses to Applaud the Frog

  1. I adore the frog cupcakes. How sweet.

    I always bought a friend of mine frog shaped chocolates when we travelled through Wisconsin.
    I liked to think of her smiles when she opened up a box and a dozen decadent dark chocolate frogs were smiling at her. Ha. Makes ME smile thinking about it.

    Love all your frogs. Welcome, Spring!

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  2. We get frogs in our garden in the UK too even though we have no pond. We have a raised area built up with a dry stone wall which we call the frog patch as it is where they hang out in the spring. We haven’t seen any yet this year. Love the one on the kitchen table – he’s very cute!

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  3. Wizz says:

    Your frogs are very cheery! We are having a late spring on Vancouver Island too and need all the spring reminders we can get.

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  4. bcparkison says:

    I once had a child’s swimming pool for a lab puppy that a frog took up residence in. Tadpoles every where. LOL Our weather here in Mississippi is sort of crazy but Spring always is.


    • carolee says:

      You’re right! I think we often forget all the tumult and only remember those perfect days of Spring. If I’d go back and check my journal, I’m sure this craziness is ‘Normal’

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  5. jennysgarden says:

    Great frogs! I didn’t know it was frog month- now I have another thing to celebrate! We have peepers here in NW Washington too- always a welcome sign of spring.

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  6. Wow.. just loved all of those frogs.. And never knew of a frog month.. 🙂 Wishing you happy gardening in Spring xxxx

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  7. Frog says:

    Thank you for liking my post. I loooove yours, and all your frogs ! The passage about the tree frogs songs made me dream. People who have a National Frog Month know how to live ! I had a yellow toad in my English garden. When I am back, I’ll buy one of the RSPB Frogilo in the hope to attract another.


  8. ArtReach says:

    I LOVE frogs! Never knew that April was National Frog Month. I guess I’ve been distracted by my wedding anniversary. Mmmm…maybe I can celebrate both – together. Would be interesting!


  9. Rachel says: made me smile, thank you!
    The frog cupcakes and salad look delicious.Yum.


  10. lucyannluna says:

    Fantastic frogs 🐸


  11. April is a great month to appreciate the frog! How cute. Given that toads (I know, not frogs) are an indicator species for soil quality, I think it’s great that a gardening blog is writing about it!


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