Is May over already?!?

How can that be?  By the end of May, the gardens are planted and mulched, and it’s time to make elderflower syrup and enjoy the June roses with feet propped up, or leisurely strolling the gardens, admiring all the work done during that brief week or two that is lovely and nearly weed free.

This year, nary a garden is mulched, although most of the planting of the main gardens is finished until spring crops come out, or I decide tackle that new Cutting Garden plan.  Although the weather hasn’t cooperated in terms of my job list, the plants that are in the gardens are proceeding on their own timely fashion, and behaving quite well.  So here’s how they look as May ends.  Let’s begin in the potager:  The East half is filling in nicely.  East half pot May 31 compressed  See those peas on the left?  They have LOTS of pods  (Little Marvel)Pea pods compressed  that will soon be filling with luscious sweet peas for shelling.  Second bed up on left looks a bit bare in the middle.  That’s because yesterday the last of the radishes were harvested, and baby pepper plants went in.  They will fill all the space before long.  The beets are changing fast and the onion sets are ready to use.Beets May 31 compressed  There are blocks of spinach, arugula, and rows of beans. In fact, the third bed up on the left is Royal Burgundy beans and if you look closely below you’ll see the first purple bud!  I’ll soon be picking beans 🙂  Bean bud compressed Here’s the west half of the potager.  The garlic looks great (9 varieties) and the broccoli is really growing fast. Potager w May 31 compressed  On the trellis, the Parisian cucumbers are just beginning to climb. Cukes climb compressed  And we’ve already been harvesting lots of lettuces, especially tasty is this Red Romaine.  We’re eating the thinnings.  Red Romaine compressed  And happily, the frozen, blackened potatoes have totally recovered.  Potatoes May 31 The interior borders are all planted with a mixture of herbs, edible flowers and veggies.  Here’s a lovely new allium nigraAllium nigra compressed that is filling in nicely after the tulips faded.  The potager exterior borders are beginning to show color again after the last of the spring bulbs departed.  N pot compressed May 31  My favorite new plant this season is the Montego Orange Bi-color snapdragon, a sweet little dwarf.  Montego snaps compressed  And the clematis on the entrance arbor Clematis compressed is really showing off.  The “Lorraine” heliopsis will soon be in bloom: Heliopsis compressed  It’s nearly white leaves always make people stop and stare.  The deck planters have been planted:  Deck containers compressed and also the rail planters Rail planters compressed  And here’s a bit of the Deck Garden:  Deck garden May 31 compressed  The May Queen Shastas still look great, and the eremurus are nearly ready to open.  In the Front Island, the Polka Dot Polly Foxgloves are just beginning to open in front of a clumpFront Island foxgloves compressed  of milkweed.  And that, gentle readers, is a bit of the progress since last month.  The season is pushing forward despite all the rain.  Our forecasters say June could be cooler than normal.  Glad I haven’t yet set the basils into the garden.  They are still snug in the greenhouse.  I suspect the first pesto of the season will be a bit late this year 😦  Good thing I have an ample supply in the freezer!


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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5 Responses to Is May over already?!?

  1. beautiful! I wish I was your neighbor, I would be asking for a lot of the veggies.


  2. May is indeed over. But the awe of looking at your beautiful garden is still there. Great job!


  3. Laurie Graves says:

    Those are some gardens!


  4. bcparkison says:

    Be still my heart. A dream garden.


  5. simoneharch says:

    Carolee, do you ever sleep? It all looks amazing. Well done. I’m still wondering if you eat all those garlic?? 🙂 Simone


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