I’m stoned!

Yes, I finally got the LAST load of stone on the Lavender Slope and am I feeling muscular!  I need to determine the weight of 2 1/2 yards of stone so I’ll know just how much I shoveled, hauled, and spread.  But, it was worth it!  In case you don’t remember how awful the slope looked, here’s a reminder.

Lavender slope pre-stone

And this was AFTER it had been weeded multiple times, because the landscape cloth kept blowing free (those landscape “pins” are almost worthless) and even pieces of lumber and bricks wouldn’t keep it down.  Whenever the cloth lifted even a bit, dozens of weeds sprang up mightily, and I’ve discovered that weeding on a slope is not nearly as easy as weeding on level.  It’s one of the FEW times I’ve been glad to be a flatlander.  Plus the three different types of leftover weed barrier didn’t really add to the glamour either.

I chose a stone that looked good with the brick on the house and the fencing of the potager, Dixie River Rock, and I’m highly pleased with it, although it is $80 a yard (plus tax, of course!) Here’s the first bit of stone….Lavender slope stoning compressed  Notice the weed bucket holding the landscape cloth in place, and filling up with weeds yet again!  And here’s the slope fully stoned!    Lavender stoned compressed

Notice there is a tidy top edge now.  (as is not the case in photo #1)Lavender stoned close compressed  Isn’t that stone beautiful?  And now and then, mixed with the stone, there are tiny shells with pearly white interiors and swirly black and white exteriors that capture my attention.  But what else captures your attention????  Yep, now the slope looks good, but the path on the right between it and the potager looks downright disgraceful.  So, that had to be fixed.  Mulch load #6…     Lavender slope path compressed  Doesn’t that look much, mulch better?  There was still mulch left, even after doing both ends of the slope, but that’s a post for tomorrow!

And, I know you highly observant readers noticed that the 5 dead plants are still on the slope.  Yes, they are, and there they will remain until I grow or get replacements.  I’m sorry I pulled out corpse #6, because now that it is stoned, I can’t find the hole in the landscape cloth to put in a new plant!  Live and learn…even at 70!



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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19 Responses to I’m stoned!

  1. sher2garden says:

    Looks very nice! Love the title of this one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that looks beautiful! As does all your work. 😉


  3. It looks beautiful!


  4. bcparkison says:

    This will be stunningly beautiful when it all fills in. Take a break lady…you deserve it.


  5. bcparkison says:

    And about your title ……a little boy we knew in Atlanta once ask his teacher if she had ever been stoned. You can imagine her reaction. Then he said…..a bee stoned me right here…pointing to his forehead. LOL


    • Grannie Appleseed says:

      Just beautiful, Carolee! All that work too. It’s called “drag and drop” in garden talk. LOL How many times do I drag stuff around in my garden and drop in place. I know you do too. Happy workouts to you all in your garden lands.


  6. Sharon says:

    That’s made such a difference to the look of that area. Well done you 😄


  7. sholmes8386 says:

    Looks beautiful! Great choice….Wishing I could smell it from here😍💜


  8. Bet you have toned arms now! Wonderful result. It looks fantastic.


  9. Janice Kline says:

    Must admit, the title caught my attention. You are reaping the rewards of your labor…I keep repeating this as I pull weeds.


    • carolee says:

      Hopefully I will rarely have to weed the Lavender Slope again! I don’t really mind weeding, but don’t enjoy doing it on the slope nearly as much as in the potager or the level gardens.. The Fairy Garden, Deck Garden and half of the Addition Garden are on slopes, so I certainly didn’t need another.


  10. MrsBud says:

    Just gorgeous. Lots of work, but well worth it.


    • carolee says:

      Gardening doesn’t feel like work…it’s play! Shoveling stone…a bit more like work, but yes, worth the effort, and I took my time, resting between spurts of action.


  11. And relax! It seems to have been a time for hard labour – I’ve been clearing thistles from my daughter’s half acre and mulching her new hedge with cardboard where it was getting overwhelmed. Although it’s way out in the country, the farmer used it as a scrap yard, so it’s quite post-industrial.
    I’ll write a blog about it when my arms recover!


  12. Beautiful! Well done!


  13. Thanks for visiting my site which led me to yours. Congratulations on all your hard work. I know what it’s like to pull so many rocks and weeds all day (and what seems like weeks) that I ache more than I ever thought possible by night’s end…and an epsom bath could not relieve the pain. I’ve since found other remedies and don’t do a full day of hard labor so that my body is not is so much discomfort and have found a few excellent homeopathic/natural remedies that make all the difference. Yes, gardening and landscaping is hard work but the benefits are so worth it!


  14. Your lavender “field” looks quite a bit how it looks growing in France…lavender thrives in the stone!


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