Six on Saturday: Dec 9

Front garden winter compressed

I’m feeling very grateful on this Saturday.  FINALLY, all 1,000 bulbs are in the ground, safely tucked away before our first snowfall arrived this morning.  Thankfully, my back has returned to normal, which also allowed me to drag out the snowman to decorate the front garden, and to put up the roping and snowmen in the potager’s front border (note the updated header!)             carrots 12-17 compressed   In addition, I dug the last of the carrots, making a note in my journal that seeding that late, last planting was a great idea, and well worth doing again.   Fourteen pounds of lovely, muddy carrots!  I’ve already made Carrot-Ginger soup, and Carrot-Pineapple Bread is next on the list.

Now that the plants are safely moved in for winter, the last harvests dug, and bulbs planted, I can begin to enjoy the incoming winter season, such as decorating with these self-painted Santa gourds now gracing the dining room.  Santa gourds 12-17 compressed  In my younger days, I grew, painted and sold 2-4,000 of these a year!  The foxtail fern was moved indoors before frost.  Look closely and you’ll see 2 small santa heads painted on the backs of teaspoons, whose handles were bent around a broomstick to form a curve for hanging on the fern branches.

Other pleasures include the arrival of these enticing seed catalogs. Seed catalogs compressed 12-17  In fact, I’ve already received this order from one of my favorites, Pinetree Seeds, having placed the order to take advantage of Black Friday discounts. Pinetree seeds 12-17 compressed  It joins the GEO order that I place way back in October, to take advantage of their early-order special discounts. geo seeds 17 compressed  So, next year’s garden is already underway, at least in the planning stages.  There’s still weeks of winter dreaming and studying catalogs as they arrive.  Welcome winter!

Thanks to The Propagator for suggesting and hosting this meme.



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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6 Responses to Six on Saturday: Dec 9

  1. cavershamjj says:

    Those Santa gourds are AWESOME! Truly. Like you I have been busy ordering seeds and planning to get the most out of my veg plot. I just have 3 8×4 raised beds but I plan to work them hard next year.


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    What fantastic gourds those are. I would never have thought carrots could be harvested this late. I’ll have to try for that next year. Enjoyed your six.


  3. bcparkison says:

    Hard work does pay off.
    In the little town of Mentone, Ala. there was may still be a shop called the Gourdy Shop. Full of painted gourds. Yours are wonderful


  4. n20gardener says:

    Transfixed by your painting of the gourds. What a great idea! And a big pat on the back for planting 1000 bulbs. Looking forward to seeing the display next year.


    • carolee says:

      Me, too! Spring can’t come soon enough for me. The gourds are fascinating. Plant them, watch them grow and then decided just how Santa fits one each individual. No two are exactly alike, so it’s never dull.


  5. What fantastic painted gourds! Think I’ll steal that idea for next year. Carrot and pineapple bread sounds intriguing. I also took advantage of the Black Friday deals for seeds. I don’t think that I bought too many that I wouldn’t have usually, honest.


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