A piece of junk

Normally I don’t rant, or express my views on products unless I love them, but in this case I feel compelled to share my experience as a warning to other gardeners.  I do much of my gardening on a stool, preferably one that rolls.  I’ve had one for nearly 20 years, and used it hard so when it began to fall apart, I looked for an identical one.  Unfortunately, they are no longer made.  I can’t imagine why because it was a great product.  So began the search for a replacement, one that fit the correct height for a comfortable reach to weed and plant, that rolled, and is light enough that I can carry it with one hand. stool.JPG

The product that fit my criteria best was the Suncast rolling garden stool, around $40 depending upon the site, so it was ordered and arrived quickly.  It was obviously not as sturdy a plastic as my original stool, and slightly larger.  The “removable kneeling pad” that doubled as the seat cushion was annoying because it fell off whenever I picked the stool up.  And there was no good hand-grip spot for picking it up easily.  It had a “dog leash” type pull that was way more trouble, because it got caught underneath, and I had to reach all the way to the ground to pick it up, so to me it was useless.  The wheels looked flimsy compared to my old stool, and I doubted they would last the entire season, let alone several years.  But,  I was desperate for a stool, and for $40 I expected it to last lots longer than it did, which was 3 HOURS!!!

stool crack compressed

Now, I’m not exactly dainty, but I’m only a size 10, a bit less than average so weight should not have been a problem.  I was using the stool on level ground and simply deadheading violas along the potager paths.  Imagine my surprise when my seat began to “slope!”  In only 3 hours of use, a crack developed and the stool began to collapse to the point that the wheel below the crack could no longer turn.  (You can’t see the collapse onto the wheel unless I’m sitting on it, but I’m not limber enough to sit on it and take a photo at the same time, so just trust me, it collapsed!)  So much for a rolling stool!  And trying to sit as the slope became more acute began to hurt my old back.

So, as you are selecting holiday gifts for fellow gardeners or perhaps yourself, do avoid the Suncast “rolling” garden stool.  Mine is probably going to become a planter…it already has the drainage hole!!!


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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10 Responses to A piece of junk

  1. coppicelearner says:

    How annoying! I do sometimes wonder if there are designers out there who are so focussed on price and ‘looks’ that how the thing works in the real world gets lost. And the problem with buying online, which is sometimes unavoidable, is that you have to rely on the picture whiqch rarely shows how thick and sturdy the material is. Hope you get a refund and find something better soon.

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  2. Thanks for the product review! NOT on my list this year!


  3. bcparkison says:

    Bless your heart. Why can’t they leave well enough alone and stop giving us junk in place of something that is working.?

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  4. Mala Burt says:

    Thanks for the review. That’s a little over 22cents a minute to use that piece of junk. I’m a larger lady than you. It might have cracked the first time I sat on it.


  5. It does seem like everything is being made to fall apart sooner, that way we have to buy it over and over. I love shopping estate and church sales for products that were made to last.


  6. Hate it when you try to replace something and it just fails. I have used the rolling stools that mechanics use, Have a shelf underneath but no closed storage and have just kicked it along but I am sure you could attach a pull handle of sorts. Worth a look.

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  7. 69owen says:

    Have you contacted them and told the vendor? Get your money back or get a replacement, it might just have been a faulty one.


  8. Kit Miracle says:

    You may find your favorite old stool on Ebay. I found an exact replacement for a favorite pair of shoes on Ebay and they were brand new. Probably someone bought a closeout. Worth a look.


  9. Wow! I’m so sorry to hear that. What a bummer! Whenparkspeaks mechanic idea sounds like a great idea, it would certainly hold up better I’m sure. Good luck on your new hunt !


  10. Island Time says:

    What a drag! Another piece of useless, plastic junk for sure. I wonder if an upcycled, recycled skate board might work? For sitting on not standing! Meanwhile I hope you get a full refund. Good luck!


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