Six on Saturday-Feb 3

The best thing about this Six on Saturday?  It’s FINALLY not January any longer!  I really have no reason to complain, because I did get a lovely break from our bleak, bleak, frigid weather with a albeit too-brief trip to sunny Florida last week.  In fact, I posted last week’s Six on Saturday from there.  I bet you never guessed because I had written it while still in Indiana.  We came back to 21 degrees and horizontal snow the entire 2 hr. drive home from the airport.  UGH!  But I had these to cheer me on the way, because my sweet D got me these for my birthday and I carried them home on the plane.  A week later and they still are bright and beautiful. Birthday flowers comp  All my favorite colors:  orange, yellow, green, blue, just like my gardens.  Of course the first thing I had to do once home was to check the seeds I’d sown before we left.  Happily there were a few green sprouts to greet me in the recycled strawberry clam shell.   IHhock seedlings 2-3-18 comp  still am trying to adjust to sowing smaller quantities.  There’s just a pinch of hollyhock seed here instead of the hundreds needed when I had commercial greenhouses.  The seeds in the foreground are shasta daisies, left atop the soil because they need light to germinate.  A half-dozen of those have sprouted since my return.  And this flat of pansy and viola seed is more like “my usual” in former days, the difference being there is only one flat instead of fifty!  Seedling tray 2-3-18 comp  They’ve all sprouted since my return.  I’ll be moving them to the light stand in the basement this weekend.  And also bringing a smile, the potted amaryllis bulbs are beginning to produce bloom stalks.  I need to write in my journal to move them up a week or two to help fill that gap of gloom once the Christmas decorations are packed away.  Amaryllis 2-3-18  I can’t wait until their dramatic blooms open.  Not everything upon my return was a good thing, however.  This STUPID U.S.A. Department of Agriculture Survey was waiting in the mail.  I’d love to just toss it, but legally I am required to fill it out.  Ag survey comp  Last time it was 20-some pages.  This time it was 30 pages of intrusive, probing questions.  Yes, it was much easier to complete now that I am no longer actually producing agriculture (growing your own food doesn’t count, but if I sold anything I’d have to fill out PAGES of detailed info on how the crops were grown, sold, their value, supplies used and the supplies’ cost, etc. etc. etc.)  I still own farm land that does produce crops, therefore I am required to fill out all the pertinent info.  And if I were selling plants, trees, livestock, honey, or aquaculture that would require additional info, as well as having any employees because I’d have to give information on them, too.  The value of all crops, machinery, land, buildings must also be reported.  Did I sell the crops myself or use “channels”?  Did I sell anything “on site”?  This time there were more questions about me as a person, which I find offensive.  I’m a farmer.  Why does it matter if I am female, white, old, single, or rich or poor, living alone or with others?  Does it really matter to the government if I make decisions daily on my own, or with additional people involved?  Apparently it does matter because they asked specifically.  My view is that as long as I am not breaking any laws, it’s none of their business what size tractor I may or may not use.  (For your info, since you didn’t ask, it’s a 1954 John Deere but I haven’t used it in 5 years.) Rant over……….but if the next one is forty pages and asks what hair color I use, you can expect an even longer rant.  Just warnin’ ya now so you’ll be prepared!  And lastly, of course yesterday, Ground Hog Day, we had our first sunny day in ages with a wind from the south melting all our snow.  Even a view of my beloved potager looks gloomy.Potager 2-3-18 comp  Today it’s back to grey and bleak, and now we’ll have no snow cover to protect the plants as the temperatures plunge dramatically again tomorrow.  Sigh!  Thank goodness I have my seedlings to tend and more seeds to sow….and it’s FEBRUARY, not January so all is well.

Thanks to THE PROPAGATOR  who suggested and hosts this meme.  Go to his page to find lots more informative, inspiring “Six on Saturday” posts.


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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21 Responses to Six on Saturday-Feb 3

  1. Island Time says:

    Great post, great rant too! I totally sympathize with the dreadful filling out of forms; what a waste of time. But, I guess it is a job-creation program for more bureaucrats…..the world we live in, eh? Crazy. Now why can’t the government bods just let everyone get on with growing their gardens and leave them all in peace? Glad you had a bit of sunshine to get you through the last bits of winter…

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  2. And I thought we have a lot of bureaucracy to over comes here in UK ……poor you

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  3. bcparkison says:

    Your seedling are doing great. I need to do the same but probably will wait and just purchase plants. I don’t need very many. The gift flowers are so very colorful and remained a pretty long time.
    Yes I have filled out the forms, for my dad, Just seems so silly since we don’t “farm ” any more.

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  4. thomashort says:

    Lovely six, rather you than me with the paperwork! Goodluck with the seedling s and the incoming cold weather

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  5. At least, praise God, February is a short month 🙂

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  6. Lora Hughes says:

    The flowers are gorgeous. Bet you were the envy of the entire flight. Like bcparkison above I’ll most likely be buying plants this year due to a move, but there is something about propagating from seed that gives such joy . . . when it doesn’t come w/all that paperwork! And such a dignified, measured rant. Hope you survive it all, then treat yourself afterwards.

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  7. mrsdaffodil says:

    Whoa! Those tax forms are intimidating, much worse than what we have here in Canada. Plus, the software makes it easy to do the taxes, as the pages that don’t apply don’t appear. I remember the excruciating task of doing the taxes with pencil and paper. Lots of erasing and re-calculating. Much more rewarding to watch those seedlings come along.


  8. chicu says:

    This is a hard time of the year isn’t it? I am so ready to be DONE with the grey and brown. With luck,a couple of weeks more should bring some green into our lives.


    • carolee says:

      I start sprinkling seeds of lettuce to hide tulip foliage, poppies, larkspur, nigella, cilantro and dill on Valentine’s Day, so it won’t be long now. And peppers get seeded indoors next week, so I’m already starting to feel the pull. Isn’t it exciting!


  9. Cortney says:

    Wow! I had no idea about all those forms! It certainly makes one re-think wanting to grow from home for profit. Beautiful seedlings! I can’t wait to get some started here too- the green will be much appreciated!


    • carolee says:

      I attended a conference, and the proposed regulations for even having a card table of tomatoes at the end of your driveway with an honor box were scary. I’m of the “the more local the better” the “more small businesses the better” and of course I want “safe” food but I’m against more regulations. I doubt any home grower is going to put arsenic in tomatoes out for sale….but of course I never dreamed weirdos would put razor blades in candy for Trick or Treaters either. I suspect it’s more a case of government wanting to be sure they get every penny of taxes and licenses than a true worry about food safety.


      • Cortney says:

        That is a sad state of affairs and, sadly, not as surprising as it probably should be. I just hate the idea of regulating those driveway stands… and you are right, its probably more about taxable dollars than hidden dangers.


  10. susurrus says:

    The lengthy form sounds like a nightmare. Does it include a time estimate for how long they say it ought to take to fill it in? That always makes me smile when I have to complete entry forms to the US on my travels.


  11. Stefanie says:

    Crazy paperwork! I don;t quite understand what the whole point of those 30 pages are. I mean, some of it I understand but most of it seems super intrusive and time wasting.


  12. Ali says:

    Those flowers are lovely. Nicer than the forms!

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