Catching up?

I’m speaking about Mother Nature and Spring, although with good weather I’m catching up a bit as well.  Just a few days ago, we were 3 weeks behind “normal” and suddenly it feels like summer has arrived!  Things are changing at breakneck speed.  The daffodils opened by the dozens.  There are many varieties in the gardens.  The “earlies” are already finished, and the “mids” are fading, so now it is the “lates” turn to shine.  Of this group my favorites are “British Gamble” Daffy British Gamble compressed which began blooming 4/21/18 (4/2/17); Congress 4/25/18 (4/7/17) and Daffy Kedron Kedron (left) opened 4/24/18 (4/6/16, 4/6/17!) The first hyacinth appeared 4/25/18 (4/9/17) but it’s already gone.  Finally, there are hellebores here and there in the Fairy Garden.  I think I need to move them to a spot that gets sunlight earlier in the year.  And the first tulip opened,  “Apricot Beauty” 4/21/18 (4/9/17) to be quickly joined so that all of them are in color at once.  Not exactly according to plan, but I’ll take it.  The strawberries, gooseberries, white lilac and pear tree that just began flowering yesterday (May 3) bloomed April 15 last year, but at this point I’m delighted to just have any decent weather!  Potager rows 5-3-18 As you can see above, the potager’s rows are becoming apparent, especially those baby radish seedlings emerging above.  Last year the first radish was HARVESTED 4/26, so that won’t be happening this year.  However, those Royal Burgundy beans I gambled on by planting mid-April are springing to life!  We’ve already harvested our first spinach for a tasty frittata as well as Spinach 5-3-18  a variety of herbs on several occasions.  The first potato broke ground in its pot and is suddenly 8″ tall!  The peas are emerging, as you can see here.  Potager west half 5-3-18 The French Tarragon made it through the winter and is growing quickly.  I need to take some cuttings, as I’ve learned over the years that these first 2-3″ of brand new growth will root much quicker and easier than later cuttings.French Tarragon compressedThankfully, the potager is beginning its season of productivity.  There’s still plenty to do.  In 2016, all the gardens were cleaned, edged and mulched by March 24.  Last year they were all done by the mid-April.  Although it’s been warmer (finally!) it’s also been raining.  In my younger days I’d work despite the rain, but now I choose not to get soaked and miserable.  However, on pretty days I’ve worked hard, so that as of today the Front Garden, Front Island, Potager exterior and interior borders, North Island and most of the Deck Garden are cleaned and mulched.  Deadheading has already started to take more time, as well as mowing, so no edging has even been begun!  There is still half a row of berries to clean.  All of the Cutting Garden and Fairy Garden needs cleaning and mulching, and the Addition Garden has been cleaned, but not mulched.  Hmmm!  I think I’d better get outdoors while it’s not raining.  There’s still LOTS of catching up to do!






About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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8 Responses to Catching up?

  1. coppicelearner says:

    Hurray! So pleased you have got some warmth and sunshine at last. Like you I am playing catch-up with jobs that did not get done as planned. You sound to have got more done than me though.

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  2. Island Time says:

    I know what you mean about lots to do in the garden!! The weather here too has gone from 0-60 in a few short weeks; still cool at night, but suddenly everything, weeds and grass especially, are taking off! Too much to do outside, not enough time for writing, but loving the progress of spring, though as always I wish it would slow down and allow me to savour it even more!


  3. bcparkison says:

    Things are coming along rather well. . There is always something to do and learn in the garden..

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  4. Helen says:

    Thanks for sharing the respective flowering dates for your daffodils etc this year and last. A shame you haven’t got their beauty for longer this year but at least things are getting back to normal.

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  5. Kit Miracle says:

    A gardener’s work is never done.

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  6. We had an afternoon of Spring then we woke up the next morning to Summer! I envy you your beautiful beds, I don’t have enough sun anymore for a vegetable garden, so I have to make do with small containers and buying at our local organic community garden. I am having to redesign my perennial gardens too because of the sun/shade ratio changes over the years.


    • carolee says:

      Shady areas are so relaxing and can be lovely, but I must have my vegetables! We smacked right into summer as well. Great of you to support local growers. I did farmers markets for 14 years & every customer was a treasure!


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