Six on Saturday-9/15/18

Potager in mist  There’s a misty fog over the potager this morning, reminiscent of visits to the Smokey Mountains.  The grass is so heavy with dew that my pant legs are soaked before arriving at the gate.  Today is mid-point for September.  Already!  And autumn is definitely in the air.   There are things to notice on this chilly morning. Edged sidewalk 1)  The front sidewalk is finally edged again, for the first time since May!  It looks so pretty when it’s done that I always vow to do it more often, but……. 2) The asparagus has a silvery sheen that is almost ghost-like.  Asparagus  Doesn’t it turn gold in fall?  The color is not from the dew, but it’s definitely very pale.  I hope it’s not dying!  3)  The “Orange Magic” squash are finally turning orange.  There are only 3 on the vine, whose blossoms seem Squash orange magic to be a magnet for the spotted cucumber beetles more than any of the other squash varieties in the potager.  The flowers  barely begin to open before they are filled with the voracious insects that destroy the petals. 4) At the other end of the spectrum, here’s the “Delicata” squash, whose flowers never show any damage, and I’ve never found a bug on them.  Interesting.  Squash Delicata  They are beautiful blooms.  5)  Earlier this week, I did a quick look at the seed box and found partial packets of “Avon,” “Olympia,” and “Gangbuster” spinach left from spring plantings.  Spinach seed quickly loses its viability, so there’s no reason to save it for next year.  Might as well gamble on a crop now, so I harvested the last of the beets from this bed and planted two rows here  Spinach  and four more rows in another.  We don’t really need that much spinach, if it germinates and grows before it snows, but I’ll cover this bed with a polytunnel and see what happens.  It could provide an early crop next spring, so I was careful to place it properly on next year’s plan.  Yes, the basics of the 2019 potager map are already in place, because it will soon be time to plant garlic.  Last autumn my planning for crops under a poly tunnel was pathetic!  And, the plan was something productive to do during all those rainy days. Green chair 6)  Viewing the potager, I realized that once again I failed to spend moments in my lovely green chairs over the season.  It’s hard for me to just sit still, and there’s no place to put them in the shade which would certainly make sitting more appealing.  However, now that autumn has arrived and the demands of the potager are lessening, I think I’ll find more time to just sit and enjoy.  I hope you do the same, wherever you garden!

That’s my six for this Saturday in mid-September.  Thanks to The Propagator who hosts this meme.  Click on the link to see what “Six” other gardeners around the world have chosen.


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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10 Responses to Six on Saturday-9/15/18

  1. janetbettag says:

    You might try scattering some fresh mint around your squash or maybe lightly misting the leaves of the plants with some peppermint essential oil diluted 50/50 with water. I’ve heard that it repels squash beetles. I threw some peppermint cuttings around the base of my zucchini plants a few times this season and have not seen one bug on them.


  2. Yes that Autumn nip is now in the air first thing in the mornings.. And agree with Janet, Mint is a good deterrent.. And maybe now the garden activities are not so demanding that chair will get more use.. Have a wonderful weekend

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  3. bcparkison says:

    Oh goodness…they haven’t had the problem with mint that I have. It really did take off and I am still digging it out. I just goes every where it isn’t suppose to.
    Love thar chair….do find time to sit a spell.

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  4. Mala Burt says:

    I didn’t know that about spinach seeds. Always learning. And do take time to sit in that lovely green chair and enjoy your beautiful garden.

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  5. Annie says:

    Such a lush and beautiful landscape.

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  6. March Picker says:

    Your little squash are so appealing. Mine are changing to orange now, too, or at least the ones that are meant to. You’ve inspired me to get going on my poly tunnel plans, so thank you!

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  7. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Isn’t that strange, that some plants attract the beetles and others in the same family do not. I do like your Orange Magic squash with its green stripes. Asparagus goes yellow in the Autumn here, and I’m guessing that’s what yours is getting ready to do.

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  8. I didn’t know that about spinach seeds. No wonder they never grow the next year! I stopped planting squash (except zucchini) because I always seem to get a whole lot of them, and the kids never ate it. Sorry to hear you have problems with the beetles; I don’t have any suggestions for the cucumber beetles. I had problems with squash bugs, but only on zucchini, it seemed. And some varieties seem more attractive to the little buggers than others, so I try to remember which ones they don’t like as much. Happy harvest!


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