Kitchen at Harvest Time

Kitchen harvest  I love this time of year!  It’s not as hectic as the planting/clean-up time in spring, or the hot, picking/weeding days of summer.  The pace is slower, but still filled with meaningful harvests and preserving of the bounty of the potager.  As I turned from the kitchen sink, I saw this view and went to get the camera.  Believe me, during the crazy days of summer, I wouldn’t have taken the time to even notice.  But here’s my kitchen, which next to the potager is my favorite place to be.  From front to back, the jars on the island are lemon verbena syrup, with three jars of freshly picked basil on the left.

In the back that silver space between the basil is the refrigerator, of course.  On the counter next to it are some bottles of various herbal vinegars fronted by a pint of tomato sauce.  Next are two rows of whole dill pickles, and 7 quarts of bread and butter pickles. Van Gogh Behind them is an old metal tray that I purchased at a garage sale for a dime.  I love it because it reminds me of our travels in Europe.  It’s a reprint of Van Gogh’s “Landscape with Vegetable Gardens” which he painted in France.  This close-up looks much more blue than the actual tray, which is a lovely apple green.   Just to the tray’s right is a crockery jar of wooden utensils, well-worn and well-loved.

On the stove is my ancient water bath canner, which I’ve had since 1965!  I’d wager a newly purchased one wouldn’t last as long.  It’s filled with pint jars of sweet red cherry peppers that will be finished after a 10 minute water bath.  And next to that is my favorite tea kettle, bright yellow and cheery.  It’s time to switch the kitchen decor to autumn, so the tea kettle on the stove will soon be a dark brown one, or a copper one if I am ambitious enough to clean it! (Doubtful!)

On the wall behind the canner and tea kettle is a rustic painting I did of a collection of my favorite herbs (borage, dill, thyme, rosemary, sage, feverfew, chives, lavender.) A friend fired the tiles in his kiln.  From day to day, the objects in the still life of my kitchen vary, but there is always the scent of one herb or another, and usually something baking, simmering, fermenting, or steeping.  Like my garden, just being there makes me smile!  It’s important to surround yourself with things you love, to stay sane during the non-gardening months to come.

About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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15 Responses to Kitchen at Harvest Time

  1. What a lovely set of photos and description of your kitchen! I particularly enjoyed that everything had a story and had been lovingly chosen. And what a lot of preserves to enjoy when it is cold and dreary outside. Like you I have been busy harvesting and storing and I look on my shelves of jars with pleasure knowing how much they will cheer me later. But I think you out-do me here as in the garden!


    • carolee says:

      There’s no “out-do” involved. We each do what we do because we love it, or need it, or both. And yes, those jars will be treasured when the snow flies and I can stay indoors and cozy rather than trudge out to the truck and journey to the store!


  2. bcparkison says:

    Only thing missing is acup of herb tea. Lovely place to call home.

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  3. JOY journal says:

    The lemon verbena jars are like stained glass! Beautiful.

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  4. Katie says:

    So beautiful! Your kitchen looks so cozy and inviting, but still natural and unstaged. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Noelle says:

    You just inspired me to take a break and go make a cup of tea!

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  6. I admire your ambition. I think my canning days are over. I only did tomatoes and didn’t enjoy any of it. I think I did it because my Mother always did and I thought I should. But, I always did enjoy seeing the jars all lined up in the kitchen. That did give me joy. Now I think I’ll just enjoy looking at yours.

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  7. What a delightful post and kitchen! And lemon verbena syrup sounds scrummy, even if I’m not sure how you use it. 😉


  8. I love that you mentioned borage and feverfew here. I’m a sucker for blue and white flowering herbs…and herbs that are forgotten by 98% of my peers. Nice post!


    • carolee says:

      Thank you. I love all the herbs, but I too have a fondness for the often “forgotten” herbs, like skirret and all-heal, rue and smallage. Someone should write a “Scarborough Fair” song for them, so they’d be remembered as well as parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme!


  9. I am intrigued by your lemon verbena syrup. It looks very delicious and inviting.

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  10. Amazing Post!
    I admire your ambition of keeping your kitchen natural.
    Thank you for sharing

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