What a Garden!

Regular readers will recall that in October, I attended a plen-air landscape painting class at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School.  There were many interesting things on the way to and from the Folk School, as we drove from Atlanta.  The famous “Dragon’s Tail” road of hairpin turns through the mountains is a popular route.  “Babyland,” the home of the Cabbage Patch dolls was on the way, but not a stop we made.  My very, very favorite stop was the Gainesville Botanical Garden.  Having been to its larger sister garden, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, many times I had high expectations and I certainly was not disappointed.  In fact, I like Gainesville much better, for its compactness, its beauty, and its creativity.  I think you will agree that the plantings were spectacular.Elephant ears purple

I loved, loved, loved the various frog topiaries that were so “alive” one almost expect them to hop! Frog 1  The frog topiaries were grown in the greenhouses until they were fully covered with growth, and then moved into the gardens, or as in this  Frog 4  case, the pond!  Frog 3  They were lurking here and there throughout the gardens.Frog 2   And just look at those beautiful panda topiaries!  Pandas

Gains fall decor  We were lucky to be there on a perfect autumn day, and during their “Scarecrow” exhibit.  Each scarecrow was crafted by a local organization, and set into a perfect garden spot. Cat scarecrow I especially liked the Cat Scarecrow, with all her little gourd kittens and her grand tail.   Cat scarecrow back This Bear Family was ready for vacation, Bear Family and the white-dressed Zombie lady looked very elegant in this setting of flowing white asters.  There were dozens of fascinating, well-crafted scarecrows throughout the gardens but these shown were my favorites. zombie  There were lots of things to keep children interested, like the creative use of pumpkins as caterpillars, colorful mushrooms,  Caterpillar  and even blue bats! Bat.jpg The train garden has a switch so children can make it run,Train Garden and this Ogre with a hidden tunnel was a BIG kids (small kids and really old kids!) crowd pleaser. Ogre And no matter where one looked, there was beauty.  Gains garden  I can’t stress how tidy and well-though-out the plantings were, with contrasting textures, layers, and color.  Gains garden 2  If time is not a factor, there are several beautiful trails through their woodlands to the Forest Pond, Gains woods or along Holly Ridge, or the Sourwood Trail.  Gains garden 3 Go in springtime for the luscious Dogwood Trail, or enjoy its nationally known collection of witch hazels.  And if you’re lucky, there might be an evening concert in the gorgeous amphitheater with its stunning landscape. And the gift shop was great fun!

If you’re in the area, it is definitely worth a visit.  For more info go to www.atlantabg.org and click on the Gainesville location.



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A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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7 Responses to What a Garden!

  1. All I can say is, “Wowsah!!!!!”

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  2. Very entertaining garden!

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  3. What a fun post! Looks like it was a great day.

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  4. JOY journal says:

    So fun and playful! And green…

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  5. bcparkison says:

    What’d a garden is right. How fun this would be

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  6. So creative and fun play with nature! Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Looks like someplace I should put on my travel itinerary!

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