Seeding #5: cancelled!

front  The 5th round of seeding was scheduled to take place on March 1st, but an assessment of the remaining basement space and the upcoming forecast resulted in a cancellation! March 1st was a beautiful, calm, and SUNNY day to start the month, but the temperature was barely above freezing (and of course since it was nice, I had to be away from home!)  It was tempting to seed some snow peas in the potager, and I probably could have.  However, the forecast for the upcoming week is highs in the teens or lower 20’s and one night a low of 7 degrees F.  Single digits?!?!  That’s January, not normal for March, and there is still no sign of a single crocus bloom. Right now, it’s snowing….again, just beginning but it’s getting heavier even since I returned to the house!

Thankfully, the seeding schedule is no longer chiseled in stone.  That’s another benefit of just growing for the joy of it.  It is much less wrenching to let a “deadline” pass now.  I console myself by saying “The 5th round is not a very exciting round anyway.  It’s major component is the dwarf  “Hot Pak” orange marigold planting for the potager’s main path edgings, plus a few odds and ends, and the second cippolini seeding.   Since the first cippolini planting has not even gone to the greenhouse to begin to harden off, nor the orange violas that will be the initial path edgings, there’s nothing crucial that would make a delay earth-shattering.”  What will be, will be.  Mother Nature always wins.

So, for 2019 at least, the “fifth” seeding will just be combined with the sixth round, and I don’t think I’ll even bother to renumber the schedule.  Am I becoming too daring?  Too complacent?  Oh, the freedom of it all!  If I hadn’t told you, you would never have known!  That’s the beauty of being a gardener.  Only YOU have “the vision” in your head, and unless chaos truly reigns, observers assume “it’s just the way you wanted it!”

Seedlings  Meanwhile, things are growing well in the basement and the transplanting continues. The 8′ x 4′ bench is already filled (above), as is the 4-shelved light stand.  Blue salvia flat  This flat of blue salvia seedlings is growing well, and it appears I’ll need them.   A survey of the gardens could find no blue salvia or snapdragons that show any sign of life, or even the possibility of resurrection.  These hollyhocks  Hollyhock transplants will be needed, too.  It appears that all the plants that should have bloomed this year have rotted or frozen…well, whatever happened they are mush now (soon to be frozen mush.)  That means yet another year before there are hollyhock flowers to make dancing dolls.   😦

Despite current conditions, eventually the weather will mellow, the birds will begin singing and those crocuses that survived the neighbor’s pig will bloom.  Then it will be major catch-up time, because some of the gardens have STILL not been cleaned or tidied for spring and it’s been way too wet to haul in any mulch.  Weeks passing without jobs being marked off the list are making me nervous, but I suppose it will all get done eventually.  And, in the meantime….there’s BASKETBALL!



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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13 Responses to Seeding #5: cancelled!

  1. Bonnie Carrell says:

    Sounds like a very sunny orange year is in the making. Can’t wait to see it. Stay safe, stay well. Hugs.

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  2. bcparkison says:

    Well it looks to me like you have been plenty busy and will be some more. The weather is kinda crazy. we have way to much rain but can’t seem to find the cut off. I did manage to sprinkle some seed out…lettuce, spinach and some poppie but i’ve never had much luck . We will see. I’m just not to worried about it being just me ,myself and I can eat only so much. A couple of cold nights coming up and things budding out will be in harms way but what to do.


  3. Jo Shafer says:

    Oh, you poor thing! In fact, oh me a poor thing, too! Does the ground even exist under all those white blankets and duvets? I just pretend it’s January to keep depression at bay. At least the sun is out bright today. I’ve been sitting at my front window, browsing through a Gertrude Jekyll book about Munstead, and sipping brisk British tea.

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  4. Mybackyardgarden4b says:

    That’s quite a setup! What’s your opinion on using germination mats?

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    • carolee says:

      Heating mats are valuable for heat lovers like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants especially, and some heat loving annuals like zinnias, marigolds, etc. They definitely improve germination, and if you can set the thermostat low, can be used in cool areas to keep root balls warm, too. I had 4 large commercial ones at the farm and kept two…one for germinating in the basement, and one for the greenhouse to keep flats a bit warmer than the air temp. And if I put a clear dome over the flats of plants it holds them pretty well even if temps in the greenhouse drop.

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  5. Best of luck! Alas, when it comes to weather, weird is the new normal.

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  6. You are so organised! I love this statement: “That’s the beauty of being a gardener. Only YOU have “the vision” in your head, and unless chaos truly reigns, observers assume “it’s just the way you wanted it!”” Hope it warms up nicely for you.

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  7. That is a lot of seedlings! I’m very impressed. Looks like you have the perfect setup.


    • carolee says:

      No, it’s not perfect but I make do with what I have. Normally things don’t have to stay there very long, so inadequate lighting doesn’t hurt much. When they do, like this year, it takes a lot of switching so every flat gets enough time in the light stand. I may have to look at getting some better lights for over the 8′ bench if 4 degrees in March becomes a pattern!

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  8. Island Time says:

    Still frozen solid here too when i am normally digging away like a mad thing by now! Patience is required. Limited space indoors for starting seeds, and i am late getting started, but then spring is late arriving as well. It will all work out in the end, one way or another! Roll on spring and finer, warmer weather!

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  9. Jo Shafer says:

    Carolee, the packet of Columbine seeds arrived in today’s post! Thank you so much for sharing these with me. I’m excited to see these colors in the garden this summer. Saturday I’ll plant them for indoor germination. ~ Jo

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