Hating the “Block” at WordPress

If I could go back in time, I’d never have clicked on the “try our new, improved block” format. I absolutely hate, hate, hate it. Those of us who garden barely have time to take photos and write a blog post anyway. And having to learn a new, cumbersome, ugly format is NOT helpful! I want to go back to the old style, but seemingly that is impossible. I’m going to look at other hosts, and see if I like them better.

Maybe everyone else loves it? If so, can you tell me how to get “Categories” back? How to do text in a post, other than just a caption on a photo, or doing it plain “paragraph” like this post? I just can’t get a post to look like I want it to anymore. Totally frustrated.


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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15 Responses to Hating the “Block” at WordPress

  1. bcparkison says:

    Afraid I am at a total loss which is why I don’t blog myself too often. tech and I just don’t get along ….but I can re-post good suff.


  2. Lauren says:

    I was able to go back to the older version, because I HATED it too! Let me see if I can remember how I did that for you

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  3. Kerry S. says:

    On a pc/laptop, go to your site’s home page. Click on ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner then follow the menu which pops up down to the very bottom and click on ‘WP Admin’. This will take you to a further menu where you can click on ‘Posts’ and then ‘New’. This should take you into the old editor without all the horrible block stuff. You can access your ‘Pages’ from there too and also edit old posts. That’s how I do it. It’s a bit faffy but it’s worth it to avoid the dreaded blocks. Hope that helps. K x


  4. dbaplanb says:

    Carolee, to get to the categories and tags menu, click on the settings button in the upper right hand corner of the window (gear icon). There are two tabs under settings: Document (with categories, tags, visibility, etc.) and Block. When you select a type of block, this second tab gives you applicable formatting choices. For instance, if you select to write in a paragraph block, the menu gives you choices for font, color, and advanced (which I guess lets you select a css style sheet). Different menus appear for different types of blocks.
    I agree, the new writing platform is annoying and it forces you to format before you’ve written a word of text. Talk about feeling boxed in!


  5. dbaplanb says:

    OK, I found it! Also, upper right hand corner, three vertical dots (more options). Click on this icon and at the bottom of the drop down menu, you have Switch to Classic Editor.


  6. Hi- This is Clif Graves – The WP Block editor is totally not ready for prime time. If you have the free hosting on WordPress.com there is little you can do. If you upgrade your account to their Business account it lets you install a plugin to return to the classic editor. If your WP allows adding plugins look for the classic editor plugin.


  7. Jo Shafer says:

    I never chose the option after reading all the earlier complaints. However, I do find that WordPress is hyphenating words at the end of a line and carrying the second syllable to the next line when there was plenty of space for the entire word. Even newspapers no longer do that; in fact, they no justify the margins at all. I want my format to appear the way I actually post it.


  8. Lauren says:

    I just have the cheapest paying plan on WordPress (something like $25) – just because I hated the ads that would show up on my site, and it let me go back to the other format


  9. nancy marie allen says:

    I’ve experienced much frustration with the WordPress block editor as well and have had one problem after another since trying it!


  10. I accidentally clicked on the block and I don’t like it either.


  11. Kit Miracle says:

    Did you write the help people on WP?


    • carolee says:

      No, but that’s a good suggestion. I did search for a “tutorial” or something that explained how to use it, but came up empty, so I’m just experimenting as I go!


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