Shopping Spree

Always a happy surprise when a box arrives!

Too much time to think and ponder as I pick tomatoes or deadhead borders can lead to retail therapy. As you know, gentle reader, stretching the daylily season has been a project for the past few years. Slow to occur to me was the idea of using REBLOOMING daylilies to get more late blooms. Of course, I have the obligatory “Stella d’Oro” which is just beginning its second bloom, but since I wasn’t all that impressed with it, I hadn’t looked for others. What a mistake!

After spending some time researching on the web, I decided to order from a company unknown to me, They had an impressive selection of reblooming daylilies, at reasonable prices. Now when I say “reasonable” keep in mind that rebloomers are not as common, and are more in demand, so they are not cheap. After I clicked “place order” I had a moment of regret, fearing that what I received might be low quality, or having heard of all the chicks dying from postal delays, that my order might arrived with plants so stressed that they’d be years in recovery. I’m happy to say that neither situation was the case. Within a week of placing my order, the box was in my hands. Hurrah for Iriswarehouse and the postal service! Here’s what I ordered:

Isn’t she beautiful?

I love spidery daylilies and even though this one isn’t in the “orange” family, it caught my attention. 25″ tall. I think she’ll go in the Front Island, where I’m trying to get more white and chartreuse blooms.

An impressive spider!

This copper-orange beauty has flowers 7″ across and stands a tall 42″, perfect for the back of the potager’s exterior border.

I love the shaded spots of color are the petals’ outer edges.

“Scatterbrain” just looked like a daylily that belongs in my gardens. The double apricot blooms are 6″ across and fragrant! Can’t wait to see this one bloom.

I really like doubles, too!

This mid-season bloomer is “Zella Virginia,” so I’m hoping her re-bloom will be late. Double apricot flowers 5.5″ across and fragrant.

Valley Monster doesn’t look very frightening!

Another yellow, but with those touches of rusty brown on the edges and 9″ blooms it definitely has appeal, at least to me! 33″ in height so it can go in a variety of locations.

Small, but mighty!

The ruffled petals and flattened form of this gem form a 5.5″ flower on 28″ plants. I wish I could afford dozens, but alas, only one. And finally, “Persimmon”

A stunner at 9″ across…

also known as “Judge Roy Bean.” A sentimental choice for family reasons, but also because of color and spider form. 39″ tall and destined for the corner opposite “Spider Miracle” in the potager’s interior border. Daylilies are edible, so they do belong in a potager. So, those were the 7 plants I ordered, all large and healthy. Imagine my delight to find this:

Two free gifts!

I must say I’m very happy with Iriswarehouse, and surprised to receive not one, but two free plants! They aren’t my colors, but I will either pot them up for the garden club plant sale (will we ever be able to have plant sales, as in the old days?) or gift them to a friend. Here’s “Amadeus”

Very pretty, if one likes red!
Quite pretty, and a double, but it’s too PINK!

I’m hoping there is rain on the way, so the ground will be a bit softer for digging (we really need rain!) and the plants will get a good day or two of cloudy skies for settling in. Unfortunately, rain will also mean time indoors…time to fully consider how pleased I was with this order…and the fact that it is after all, IRIS warehouse. I didn’t even look at their iris offerings………


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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11 Responses to Shopping Spree

  1. Oooooh! Such wonderful additions to your garden. I can’t wait to see how they perform as rebloomers for you. I’m especially enamored with ‘Scatterbrain’ – so very lovely. Thanks, too, for the heads-up on Iriswarehouse! I’ll have to check them out.

    Our hot-spell is over, for now, so I am headed back out to keep cleaning out and tweaking my flowerbeds.

    Happy gardening.

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  2. Reblogged this on Barefoot Lily Lady and commented:
    Daylily lover that I am, I just had to share Carolee’s post. I’m especially enamored with “Scatterbrain”… I feel a special bond with that one. šŸ˜‰


    • carolee says:

      Yes, the name spoke to me as well as the photo! It’s applicable too many times these days, as I arrive in a room and then can’t remember why it was my destination!!!


  3. Jo Shafer says:

    Looks like I shall have to order a couple of “Scatterbrain” daylilies for my westside row in front of the juniper hedges. It’s simply too beautiful to pass up. Thanks for sharing your new experience with this “new” company, Iris Ware House. Will they ship in time for fall planting? I am about to divide my other daylilies and transplant to extend the row.


    • carolee says:

      They are still shipping to most areas, but I’ve already noticed some that I ordered are now “out of stock.” I’d thought of ordering more after I had judged the quality and efficiency of shipping my initial order, and if it keeps raining there’s a good chance I will!

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  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Lovely flowers you have chosen there Carolee and isn’t it great when you get good service with healthy plants? Like you I am wary of spending a lot with an unknown supplier in case I get rubbish or nothing at all. If you want rain I have plenty to spare so you are welcome to it!


    • carolee says:

      Please send your extra rain! I planted my new daylilies, hoping the cloudy skies would water them. Just a brief sprinkle. Didn’t even register in the rain gauge, so now I must drag hoses. Shouldn’t complain…lots of people have fires, floods, hail, etc. Remind me to count my blessings…I have a HOSE and WATER!

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  5. sidegategarden says:

    Thank you this is really interesting! I am just starting to really appreciate daylillies. I have a startling orange variety, given to me years ago, but had never really appreciated just how many other varieties are available and how beautiful they all are – I’m not really into orange! I obviously need to get a wiggle on if I want to buy and plant a new (I had thought pink) variety for next year šŸ™‚


    • carolee says:

      I think it’s fascinating that people like different colors. I wonder if there has been research on the brain. I LOVE orange…find it energizing and it makes me smile. The apricot range is soothing to me. Red sets my teeth on edge, and pink is just so blah it might as well be beige! Too bad we can’t trade…I’ve got three pinks now that HAVE to go!!!

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