Six on Saturday: Nov 28

The 2020 Christmas Tree!

This Six on Saturday is a mixture of six things that are making the days more cheery. First of all, the 2020 Christmas tree, which is even more appreciated this year than it has been sometimes in others. We didn’t have a tree last year, because we went to Italy. This year, I only put on the ornaments that have meaning, collected during our travels, made or given by our kids, grandkids or other loved ones, or inherited from family members that are now gone. Decorating it certainly triggered a lot of great memories.

Some of the nutcrackers and smokers were unpacked.

Last year, the nutcrackers on the mantle were our only decorations. They always make me smile and the variety is so appealing. The two on the coffee table are smokers, which have been in use now with a variety of incense cones: sandalwood, pine, lavender, cinnamon and others that my daughter sends me from Germany.

Nutcrackers on the buffet.

Since there will be no parties or dinners, the nutcrackers that normally decorate the kitchen shelf (which is now filled with canned foods) are on the buffet. I’ve decided not to put the rest of the nutcrackers out this year since it’s just the two of us. And before you think gardening has taken a back seat this year, here’s number 4:

Ready for winter.

The two berry boxes that are built got their plastic yesterday, just in time to collect a bit of heat from this morning’s sunshine before our temps drop into the low 20’s, with snow on the way. Obviously, I still need to dig the leeks, which will happen after the IU game today.

A big bowl of lemon verbena leaves…yum!

All the plants have now been moved into the basement. As always, a few days after being moved the lemon verbena dropped all its leaves. Knowing that, a clean sheet was spread under the pot so the leaves can be collected easily. Now they will finish drying on the dining room table before finding their way to the teapot! And lastly

Another seed order arrived…this one is all flowers!

The Geo seeds that arrived yesterday have been sorted, and those that need stratification are now in the freezer. While I watch the IU game, I think I’ll bring down the seed box and begin to organize it (by planting date) and add the two seed orders that have come. Nothing is more cheery than beginning to plan for spring!

So that’s six things that are making my days brighter. For more (are probably far more interesting) Six on Saturday offerings, visit The Propagator, who hosts this meme.


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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8 Responses to Six on Saturday: Nov 28

  1. Nutcrackers galore! You have quite a collection, larger than mine, but I continue finding one more each year, either under the tree or stuffed into my stocking. Never too many to put out, I say.

    I used to have a lovely little verbena tree in a large planter, but it died. Same with a little bay tree. They’ve been difficult to find in the garden shops the past couple of years. Lots of dried bay leaves stored in a tin can, but no verbena.


  2. All looking great!! So exciting to have more seeds to play with & plan the next few months! I considered the idea of sorting by planting date, but the alphabetical order won again this year— guess it comes from my years in the office of filing documents lol!! I have my spreadsheet sorted by date & a calendar to go on for planting dates!


    • carolee says:

      I do mine by planting date because in the spring rush, it just takes too long to pull the needed packets if they are alphabetical, and too time consuming to put the remaining seeds back, then pull them again if something didn’t germinate well, or gets eaten, etc. Also, I can tell at a glance about how many pots and trays I’ll need for that date, and within that planting batch, the ones that need light to germinate are together, and the ones that need darkness are grouped together, so seeding is quick. But, each person has the method that works best for them, and if it feels good to you, that’s your plan!

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  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I love your decorations and it is lovely that they bring back memories for you. You have reminded me to get on with my seed order!


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