And February just flew by!

Lemon Frost amaryllis…she’s got 3 bloom stalks!

I intended to do a February monthly review in a timely fashion, but here it is March 9th already! It’s always perplexed me how a month that’s only two days shorter than most of the others SEEMS so very much shorter! Maybe it’s because there are swings in the weather with some very sunny, almost warm days that get the blood stirring. February definitely marks the beginning of more sunshine in our area, which was so welcome after a dreary, wet January with hardly a ray of sunlight.

Maybe it’s because there is more to see: snowdrops and crocuses popping open, lots of other plants pushing green shoots upward, the hellebores budding in the gardens, geese flying overhead.

Finally enough sunshine that the plug trays of “Abrialli” lavandins are beginning to grow!

Maybe it’s because the seed starting ramps up, transplanting from seed trays to little pots is underway, and watching for magical new sprouts can absorb one for hours at a time. The birds begin singing and the squirrels race around the lawns and up and down the trees. And there’s Valentine’s, Mardi Gras (we had a great party but I failed to take any photos!), President’s Day and the beginning of Lent to celebrate.

In December 23 varieties were seeded. In January it increased by another 50 varieties. In February, 47 were added bringing the total to 123. (By comparison, 125 in 2022 because I decided not to grow Dara or mixed scabiosa and some things I trialed last year seemed to be happier with a later start, but there are also some new things so the overall number is very similar!) As for transplanting, there was none done in December because I was feeling lazy, 1304 in January, and 1342 in February. Flats were moved to the greenhouse earlier this year (Feb. 20 rather than March 1) and the first planting into the garden (2 beds of ranunculus under low tunnels) was done on February 28 rather than last year’s March 13! The spring flowers are about two weeks ahead of some years and I go by what Mother Nature is doing in her gardens rather than by a date.

Things are progressing well, and pretty much according to the revised schedule for 2023. Now if the weather cooperates, all should be well. As of today, there are lots of daffodils budding so bouquet deliveries should be starting soon, although the forecast is for colder temps in the coming week. And the first daffodil means that it’s time to plant the peas and set out the sweet peas. Meanwhile, there’s lots to see outdoors, more bottles to cut while watching all the basketball tourneys, more seeding to be done, and thousands of babies nearly ready for their own pots splenty of work in the basement ahead. I’d better get LOTS done in March, because April is crazy-busy with shows, speeches, and appointments!

Hope your February was enjoyable, and that spring is on its way wherever you are!


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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4 Responses to And February just flew by!

  1. bcparkison says:

    Goodness you are well on your way. All of the plugs look great. My amaryllis is finely pushing up and I’m holding my fingers that it doesn’t get as tall as it did last year. Three ft. is just too tall for a simple pot to hold.
    My last minute go for GK Ambassador was accepted and now ,after the shock, I need to step to it and get a little more serious about growing cut flowers. Most of the daylilies were removed in the fall so time will tell. I did cheat and will be trying “roll out seed” for the first time. May need to recover the hoop house so next year I can do more seeding.


  2. carolee says:

    Congratulations! I wasn’t brave enough to take on the Ambassador role, so I’ll be interested in hearing more about your involvement. I spent part of yesterday cutting and punching holes in the tags for the bouquets, because the daffodils are budding and it won’t be long until picking and delivery will start. I wish you were closer, because I have lots of excess seedlings of asters, statice, etc. that need a home!


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Like you we have had sunny sdays when I have been working outside in a Tshirt and others with snow! No seed sowing yet for me – I could start them but have nowhere warm and light enough for the next stages so I have to be patient. But I see flowers and leaves coming so Spring proper is in sight.


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