Reading List

2019 Reading List
1. Pilcher, Rosamonde “The Carousel”
2. Pilcher, Rosamonde “The Summer Voices”
3. Anthony, Diana “The Ornamental Vegetable Garden”
4. Bohjalian, Chris “Before You Know Kindness”
5. Hobhouse, Penelope “Flower Gardens”
6. Baldacci, David “Long Road to Mercy”
7. Butland, Stephanie “The Lost for Words Bookshop”
8. Ferber, Edna “So Big”
9. Hager, Thomas “The Alchemy of Air” *****
10. Philbrick, Nathaniel “Sea of Glory”
11. Sheehan, Larry “The Gardener’s Life”
1. Braxton, Paula “The Little Shop of Found Things” **
2. Candor, Chris “The Weight of A Piano” ***
3. Maher, Kerri “The Kennedy Debutante”
4. Pilcher, Rosamonde “Winter Solstice”
5. Milford, Kate “The Left Handed Fate”
6. Milford, Kate “Greenglass House”
7. Gussow, Joan Dye “This Organic Life”
1. Creasy, Rosalinde “The Edible French Garden”
2. Barron, Stephanie “That Churchill Woman”
3. Trigiani, Adriana “Tony’s Wife”
4. Krom, Joe “Youth to Uniform”
5. Trigiani, Adriana, “Lucia, Lucia” ****
6. Levine, J. “A Corpse for Yew”
7. Lewis, Kristyn Kusek, “Half of What You Hear”
8. Davis, Kathryn “Too Deep For Tears”
9. Setterfield, Diane “Once Upon A River” *****
10. Hood, Ann “A Place to Stay the Night”
1. Green, John “Paper Towns”
2. Honeyman, Gail “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.”
3. Adams, Ellery “The Secret, Book & Scone Society” ***
4. Baker, Jo “Longbourn” (servants view from Pride & Prejudice)
5. Baker, Mary Kay “The Fixer Upper” ***fun
6. Boyd, Natasha “The Indigo Girl” ****
7. Box, C.J. “Open Season” intense
8. Box, C.J. “Savage Run”
1. Ripert, Eric “32 Yolks”
2. Szalay, David “All That Man IS”
3. Morais, Richard “The Hundred Foot Journey”****
4. Barbery, Muriel “Gourmet Rhapsody”
5. Moriarty, Liane “The Hypnotist’s Love Story”****
6. Hemmingway, Ernest “The Moveable Feast”
7. Bradley, Alan “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” totally fun
8. Walter, Jess “Beautiful Ruins” so-so
9. Morton, Kate “Distant Hours” ****
1. Phillips, Susan Elizabeth “First Lady”
2. Gregory, Philippa “The King’s Curse” ****
3. Chiaverini, Jennifer “Resistance Women” ****
4. Yoshimoto, Banana “Kitchen”
5. Bowen, Rhys “The Victory Garden”
6. Fluke, Joanne “The Blackberry Pie Murders”
1. Wright Jason “The Cross Gardener”
2. Delinsky, Barbara “The Vineyard”
3. Hughes, Robert “Barcelona”

4.  Carter, Jimmy  “The Hornet’s Nest”


  1. Smith, Alexander McCall “The Second Worst Restaurant in France”
    1. Patchett, Ann “The Patron Saint of Liars”
    2. Smith, Lee “Fair and Tender Ladies”
    3. Penny, Louise “Kingdom of the Blind”


    1. Patrick, Phaedra “The Library of Lost and Found”

    1. Brown, Ann “The Flight of the Sparrow”
    2. Dray, Stephanie “My Dear Hamilton”
    3. Benjamin, Melanie “Mistress of the Ritz”
    4. Gabriel, Marius “The Ocean Liner”

  1. James, E.L.  “The Mister”
  2. Snelling, Lauraine  “The Brushstroke Legacy”
  3. Welty, Eudora   “Delta Wedding”


  1.  Jakes, James  “California Gold”


  1. Kestell, Vikki  “A Prairie Heritage: The Early Years”
  2. Miles, Amy  “Nora Roberts Land”
  3. Nettmann, Nadine  “Uncorking A Lie”
  4. Wingate, Marty  “Between A Rock and a Hard Place”
  5. Wingate, Marty  “Christmas at Greenoak”
  6. Penny, Louise   “A Better Man”
  7. Cleeves, Ann  “The Long Call”
  8. Weiner, Jennifer  “Mrs. Everything”
  9. Hoffman, Alice  “The World That We Knew”
  10. Larson, Erik  “The Devil in the White City”

Total:  78