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Bandits strike again

Remember those lovely clusters of “Polbig” tomatoes? There will be no poundage comparison between “Polbig” and “Defiant” this year. Last night for the second time, raccoons harvested tomatoes in the potager. Of course, they chose the biggest and the ripest, … Continue reading

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Finally!  The first load of mulch has been spread on the potager’s interior borders!  I have a new set of sore muscles, but it is worth every ache.  The first load went on fairly quickly, because I’d just weeded the … Continue reading

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Destruction continues!

  My poor begonia!  After removing 10…that’s TEN raccoons so far, this is still happening!  Another victim.  And the big pot just planted yesterday now looks like this:   And to add salt to the wound, last night’s trap was … Continue reading

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The Bad

Not everything in the new potager has been perfect.  The most frustrating aspect comes from critters, who thwart every effort.  The most frustrating has been the raccoons, which have decimated the strawberry harvest.  After only 4 quarts of beautiful, big … Continue reading

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What I learned today…

Learning should be life-long, but some days are more educational than others.  Here’s what I learned today.  Arugula seeds can germinate in 36 hours.  Actually, it could be less than 36 hours, because I admit I did not camp out … Continue reading

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