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Six on Saturday: The planting has begun!

There really wasn’t a choice. The basement space is packed; the greenhouse is packed and yet there are hundreds of seedlings down there still needing their own personal pot! So, as soon as the weather cooperated in the least bit … Continue reading

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Getting a little seedy down there!

It’s mid-February, so the seeding has increased in pace here in Zone 5b, central Indiana. At least, it feels like 5b at 16 degrees F this morning with a thin layer of snow on the ground. We dodged the latest … Continue reading

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The seeding is on schedule…but under debate!

While the weather was so frigid, and the days were endless gloom it was a little hard to be motivated to sow seeds. It just seemed foolhardy, since spring was so very far away. And, the memory of last year’s … Continue reading

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Cutting Garden plans…inspired!

D surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers on my birthday last week, and I have truly been enjoying them since. Every day there is a little change, just as there is in the garden, with some flowers slightly … Continue reading

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New seeds to look for!

I still get a lot of trade magazines, even though I no longer operate a commercial greenhouse, and it’s fun to read the articles to see what the trends are, or in this case to learn about some new seed … Continue reading

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First Seed order for the 2021 season!

After much consideration and checking the leftover seeds, an order was placed in timely fashion to receive a nice discount from Geo. The “tried and true” made up the bulk of the order, the usual marigolds (“Hot Pak Orange” and … Continue reading


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“Adapting!” All around the world, people will find they must be adapting, and quickly, to many kinds of changes. The virus outbreak that began creeping, but is now sweeping around the globe will force us to adapt, even here in … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Plant the Peppers!

Despite the fact that the ground is snow-covered, the wind is blowing and the temperature was -5 degrees F at dawn, it is time to seed the peppers. This is the first crop that will need the bottom heating mat, … Continue reading

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Alpine Strawberries

  Nothing is so sweet and charming as a tidy, dark green Alpine strawberry plant, hanging with fragrant white flowers and dark red berries.  Fragaria vesca var. semperflorens differs from common garden strawberries and the wild strawberry because it grows … Continue reading

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First Seeding 2020

Finally, the first three seeding flats are sown! Now that the “ice has been broken,” I find myself thinking of the coming season much more often, with more excitement as the days pass (even though there is snow on the … Continue reading

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