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Replenishing the Herbal Pantry

Autumn brings the last chance to restock the many jars and tins in the herbal pantry. Although we didn’t entertain this year, we also never ate out, so some of the jars emptied faster than usual. Out here in the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: June 6

This year what I call the “gap time” is occurring this week. Sometimes it happens in the later parts of May. It’s that period after all the spring bulbs put on their show, the next big production by perennials is … Continue reading

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Many decades ago, as a country girl finding herself in a city, with a small toddler, far from home and family I happily took advantage of our church’s free baby-sitting for members of the Quilter’s Group. As a ten-year 4-H’er … Continue reading

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Wandering Thoughts

As the gardening work has stalled during this extended cold snap, I’ve found myself being more contemplative, with wandering thoughts. I’ve given up listening to the news for a while. I’m not sure anyone really knows what is best, but … Continue reading

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Cleave to me, or is it cleavers for me?

  The rain has caused many weeds to thrive, and it seems impossible to keep up with their rampant growth.   As I was admiring the tulips yesterday,  it was obvious that a sprawling weed with sticky stems and leaves was … Continue reading

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  Whether or not a feline is a member of your family, catnip (Nepeta cataria) can be a valuable herb to add to your garden.  Its attractive gray-green foliage has slightly scalloped leaves, and is seldom bothered by insect or … Continue reading

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Herbs for Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, it’s time to prepare some of the herbal “remedies” that will help romance blossom.  Here are some of my favorite romantic herbs:    Roses are perhaps the first herb that comes to mind for romance, and … Continue reading

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When A Gardener Hosts a Party…

We hosted our annual tree decorating party recently.  Friends come and help decorate our tree, and in exchange get lots of free food.  It’s always a fun event, and this year seemed especially lively.  And, the tree looks terrific!    … Continue reading

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Kitchen at Harvest Time

  I love this time of year!  It’s not as hectic as the planting/clean-up time in spring, or the hot, picking/weeding days of summer.  The pace is slower, but still filled with meaningful harvests and preserving of the bounty of … Continue reading

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Herbal Teas

As most of you know or may have guessed, I’m a tea addict so I’m always trying new combinations of herbs for tea blends.   Actually, my entire passion for herbs began with tea herbs when I impulsively picked up … Continue reading

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