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Top Ten Performers: #8 Sweet Peas

I wish I could grow luscious sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) with 10″ or more stems and huge flowers like they do in the Pacific Northwest or in high tunnels in cooler climates. I can’t (or at least I haven’t yet!) … Continue reading

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Top Ten Performer #7: Annual Phlox

I might not have chosen Annual Phlox as #7 even though I love its wide range of color and romantic clusters of small flowers, but numbers don’t lie. When I checked the records and found that the bouquets delivered for … Continue reading

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Here’s what I’m thinking….

Last year, as in most years prior, I did a few jugs of winter sowing. It’s likely that you, gentle reader are familiar with this seed-starting technique but just in case there are some “newbies” here’s a brief summary. For … Continue reading

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Better than nothing….

This has been the most “snowless” winter in over 130 years in our area! There has been snowfall in Indiana north of us and south of us, but we remain basically snow-free. Today, January 20th, we have a few lazy … Continue reading

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First seeds sown indoors in 2021!

Despite my resolve to put off starting seeds indoors, thus avoiding daily trudges up and down stairs, I suddenly realized that if I want blooms this year, the lisianthus must be seeded. I’ve only tried growing it once before, with … Continue reading

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Today’s Transplanting

Anticipating that the first of the plants will be moved from the basement to the greenhouse soon, I transplanted more flats even though they had to go in awkward places here and there.  With all the “regular” growing space totally … Continue reading

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The Myth of Sunny Windowsills

After I wrote “Welcome Crocus!” a few days ago, I found myself thinking about the number of sunny days in February….6 out of 28.  That’s less than a fourth.  January had 12 sunny days out of 31.  A baby seedling … Continue reading

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Onions…Crying for Joy!

For over thirty years I grew onions from sets, just as my grandmother and mother had.  White ones for using over the summer and early fall; yellow ones for storage.  I never saw red ones until I went to college.  … Continue reading

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In Olden Days

With all of the recent blogs about seed starting and plant buying, it makes me wonder how in the world my grandmother managed to harvest anything!  I don’t recall her starting anything indoors except a jar of sweet potato starts.  … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday-Feb 3

The best thing about this Six on Saturday?  It’s FINALLY not January any longer!  I really have no reason to complain, because I did get a lovely break from our bleak, bleak, frigid weather with a albeit too-brief trip to … Continue reading

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