2022Potager Seed List

Aspabroc   (planted late summer for the bees who love the flowers through the first few frosts!)
Basil: Amethyst, Caesar, Italian Sweet Leaf, Mrs. Burns’ Lemon, Clove, Spicy Globe, Cinnamon
Bean Fava: Robin Hood
Bean Pole: Speckled Calico Lima
Bean, Bush: , Dragon Tongue, French Filet Velour, Royal Burgundy, French Horticulture, Borlotto Cranberry

Beet: Chioggia, Detroit Red, Falcon, Red Ace, Robin, Ruby Queen, Tricolor mix, Boltardy, Merlin, Early Wonder, Golden
Bok Choi: Bopak, Violetta Pac Choi
Broccoli: Blue Wind, Green Magic,
Broccoli Baby: Artwork
Brussel: Catskill
Cabbage: Alcosa, Primero Red, Gonzales, Katarina, Fast Vantage, Quick Start
Calendula: Bon Bon, Porcupine, Cantaloupe
Carrot: , Danvers Half Long, Scarlet Nantes, Red Core Chantenay, New Kuroda, Nantes French
Cauliflower: Majestic
Celery: Tango
Cipollini: Bianca di Maggio, Gold Coin
Cucumber, Pickling: Calypso, Parisian

Cucumber, Slicing:  Biet Alpha (trial seeds), Tasty Green
Dandelion: Italiko Rossa
Eggplant: Listada de Gandia, Black Beauty

Fennel:  Bulb, Sweet Trieste
Kale: Dinosaur, Redbor, Tuscan Baby Leaf
Kohlrabi: Early Purple, Early White
Leek:  French Baby “Primor”
Lettuce Butterhead: Alkindus, Tom Thumb, Merveille de Quatre, All Year Round,  Bronze Mignonette, Victoria
Lettuce Cos: Intred, Little Gem, Red Romaine
Lettuce, Looseleaf: Black Seeded Simpson, Gabriella, Red Deer Tongue, New Red
Fire, Cracoviensis French

Lettuce, Batavia:  Winter Density, Brun de Hiver, Rouge de Hiver, Blush Batavia, Webb’s Wonderful

Lettuce, Head:  New York 12

Marigold: Hot Pak Orange
Melon: Minnesota Midget, Hannah’s Choice, Tasty Bites, Green Nutmeg, Tuscany,
EarliDew, Jenny Lind
Nasturtium:  Tip Top Apricot
Okra: Red Candlefire, Star of David
Onion:  Red Long of Tropea, Patterson, Italian Red Scallion, Candy, Parma, Bunching Evergreen
Parsley: Italian Flat Leaf, Garland curly
Parsnip:  All American
Pea: Green Arrow (all spring plantings), Wando (late summer plantings for fall crop)
Pea, Snow: Oregon Giant
Pepper, Sweet:  Sweet Apple Green, California Wonder

Pepper, Paprika: Feher Ozon (also use fresh)
Pepper, Hot: Early Jalapeno
Pumpkin: Harvest Princess, Blue Prince, Musque de Provence
Radish: French Breakfast

Rutabaga:  Laurentian, Gillfeather

Salsify (vegetable oyster)
Spinach:   Gangbuster, Nobel Giant, Gigante di Inferno, Summer Perfection, Bloomsdale Longstanding
Squash, Summer: Bossa Nova, Greyzinni, Ronde de Nice, Sunburst,  Jaune et Verte
Squash, Winter: Butterscotch, Orange Magic, Climbing Baby Honeynut

Swiss Chard: Bright Lights (but I plant only the orange in the potager & give away the other colors!)
Tomato, Cherry type:  Sun Sugar

Tomato, Grape type:  Juliet
Tomato, Early: Polbig
Tomato, Main: Rutgers, Chef Choice Orange, Long Keeper
Tomato, Paste:Yaqui, San Marzano

Turnip:  Purple Top, Tokyo
Watermelon: Gold on Gold;  Mini Love

Onion sets (yellow, white), shallots

Garlic:  Mary Jane, Killarney Red, Romanian Red,  Rosewood, Deerfield Purple, Khobor

In addition to seeds:  Perennials:  ” Asparagus “Jersey Giant,” Egyptian Walking onions, Evergreen Bunching onions

Herb perennials:  Lovage, sage, chives, garlic chives, anise hyssop, English thyme, “Lemon Mist” thyme, Caraway thyme, Winter savory, Golden oregano, Peppermint, Spearmint, Apple Mint, Lime Mint, Orange Mint, Lemon Balm, Feverfew, Hyssop, Salad Burnet, Sorrel, French Tarragon, “White Wonder” double feverfew, Mandarin orange balm

Herb annuals:  Cilantro, Dill, various basils, Italian parsley, Curly parsley, chamomile, marjoram, cutting celery, sweet marjoram

Herbs in pots:  Bay, Rosemary, Patchouli, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Tree, Olive tree

Fruits:  Elder, Thornless “Triple Crown” Blackberries,  Gooseberries, Rhubarb “Canada Red, “Honeoye” Strawberries, “Seascape” Strawberries, “Annapolis” Strawberries, Black Raspberry

The Lavender Slope:  Grosso, Hidcote, Imperial Gem, Sleeping Beauty, Royal Velvet, Abrialli

Edible Flowers in the Potager:  Calendula, Pansy, Viola, Asiatic Lily, Daylily, Dahlia, Tulip, Blue Salvia, Alliums, Hollyhock, Snapdragons, Nasturtiums, Poppy, Primrose, Violets, Dianthus, Nigella, Sunflower, Tiger Lilies, Tuberous Begonia