Cutting Garden Plants 2022

Lisianthus, White Wonder Feverfew, Bonita aster, Hydrangea, Blue Bedder salvia, Jewels of Opar

The Cutting Garden is expanded for 2022, plus additional rows are being added in what was formerly The Berry Rows, and half the potager is being converted to flowers! So exciting, and happy to be part of the “Growing Kindness Project.”

  1. Agastache, “Anise Hyssop” (s) P
  2. Agastache, “Giant Yellow Hyssop” (s) P
  3. Amaranth, “Hot Biscuits” (s) A
  4. Amaranth, “Tower Green” (s) A
  5. Ammi “Queen of Africa” (s) A
  6. Ammi “Dara” (s) A
  7. Argostemma “Purple and Pink” (s, ss) A
  8. Atriplex, “Copper Plume”  (s) A
  9. Aster, “Matsumoto Apricot” (s) A
  10. Aster, “Bonita Light Blue” (s) A dries
  11. Aster, “Benary Princess Mix” (s) A
  12. Aster, “Duchesse Mix” (s) A
  13. Aster, “Valkyrie Mix” (s) A
  14. Antirrhinum, “Madame Butterfly Bronze” (s) A
  15. Antirrhinum, “Liberty Bronze” (s) A
  16. Antirrhinum, “Royal Bride” (s) A
  17. Antirrhinum, “Black Prince” (s) A
  18. Antirrhinum, “Rocket Mix” (s) A
  19. Antirrhinum, “Potomac Appleblossom” (s) A
  20. Antirrhinum, “Maryland Plumblossom” (s) A
  21. Antirrhinum, “Lucky Lips” (s) A
  22. Balm, “Mandarin Orange” (s) P fragrant filler
  23. Basil, “Lemon” (s) A  fragrant filler
  24. Basil, “Clove” (s) A  fragrant filler
  25. Basil, “Cinnamon” (s) A fragrant filler
  26. Bells of Ireland (s) A
  27. Bupleurum (s) A
  28. Calendula, “Bronze Beauty” (s) A
  29. Calendula, “Cantaloupe” (s) A
  30. Calendula, “Porcupine Mix” (s) A
  31. Celosia, “Act Zara Orange” (s) A dries
  32. Celosia, “Fresh Look Orange” (s) A dries
  33. Celosia, “Neo Mix” (s) A dries
  34. Celosia, “Sunday Series Orange” (s) A dries
  35. Celosia, “Sunday Series Mix” (s) A dries
  36. Celosia spicata “Celway Orange” (s) A dries
  37. Celosia spicata “Celway Mix” (s) A dries
  38. Celosia, “Asuka Green” (s) A dries
  39. Celosia, “Crystal Beauty” (s) A dries
  40. Centurea, “Mix” (s, ss) A
  41. Cerinthe (Honeywort) (s, ss) Afiller
  42. Chrysanthemum, “Rainbow Mix” (s)  A
  43. Chrysanthemum parthenium “White Wonder” (s, ss) P dries
  44. Chrysanthemum parthenium “Vegno Sunny Ball” (s) P dries
  45. Cosmos “Cupcake White” (s) A
  46. Cosmos “Seashells Mix” (s) A
  47. Craspedia (s)  A
  48. Cutting Celery (s) A great filler
  49. Daffodils (59 varieties) (b)
  50. Dahlia, “Rip City” (t)
  51. Dahlia, “Golden Scepter” (t)
  52. Dahlia, “Sunny Boy” (t)
  53. Dahlia, “Sylvia” (t)
  54. Dahlia,”Jill Mix” (t)
  55. Dahlia “Showpiece Mix” (s)
  56. Dahlia “Cactus Mix” (s)
  57. Dahlia, “Bishop’s Children” (s)
  58. Dahlia “Thomas Edison” (t)
  59. Dahlia “Ferncliff Illusion” (t)
  60. Dahlia “October Sky” (t)
  61. Dahlia “Arbatax” (t)
  62. Dahlia “American Dawn” (t)
  63. Dahlia “Karma Choc” (t)
  64. Dahlia “Que Sera” (t)
  65. Dahlia “Franz Kafka” (t)
  66. Dahlia “Alfred Grille” (t)
  67. Dahlia “Belle of Barmera” (t)
  68. Dahlia “Star’s Favorite” (t)
  69. Dahlia “White Wizard”(t)
  70. Dahlia “Black Narcissus” (t)
  71. Dahlia “Spassmacher” (t)
  72. Dahlia “Zundert Mystery Fox” (t)
  73. Dahlia “Naomi” (t)
  74. Dahlia “Ice Tea” (t)
  75. Dahlia “Senior’s Hope” (t)
  76. Delphinium, “Magic Fountain Mid Blue White Bee” (s) P
  77. Delphinium “Blue Donna” (s) P
  78. Delphinium “Clivendon Beauty” (s) P
  79. Delphinium, “Qis White” (s, ss) A dries (larkspur)
  80. Delphinium, “Qis Light Blue” (s, ss) A dries
  81. Delphinium, ” Qis Mixed” (s) A dries
  82. Dianthus “Bodestolz” (s) B FYF
  83. Dianthus, “Lace Perfume” (s) A
  84. Dianthus “Summer Mix” (s) B FYF
  85. Emilia “Irish Poet” (s) A
  86. Eucalyptus, Lemon (s) tender per
  87. Feverfew, “Single White” (s, ss) P
  88. Forget-me-Not, Chinese Blue (s) A
  89. Gladiola “Hardy Dwarf” (corm)
  90. Gladiola “Mixed Tall,” “Merlot Ice,” “Gydan,” “Green Star,” “Kirov” (corm)
  91. Gladiolas “White Prosperity,” “Blue Isle,” “Spic n Span,” “Peter Pears,” “Buggy,” (corm)
  92. Gladiola  dwarf “Glamini Lia,” Glamini Lucca” “Glamini Mixed” (corm)
  93. Gomphrena, “Qis Orange” (s) A dries
  94. Gypsophilia “Covent Garden” (s) A
  95. Helianthus, “Earthwalker” (s) A
  96. Helianthus, “Peach Passion” (s) A
  97. Helianthus, “Premier Orange” (s) A
  98. Helianthus, “Jade” (s) A
  99. Helianthus, “Double Quick Orange” (s) A
  100. Helianthus, “Pro Cut Gold Lite” (s) A
  101. Helianthus, “Bohemian Rhapsody” (s) A
  102. Helianthus, “Starburst Lemon Aura” (s) A
  103. Helianthus, “SunFill Green” (s) A
  104. Helianthus, “SunRich Gold” (s) A
  105. Helianthus, “SunRich Summer Orange” (s) A
  106. Helianthus, “SunRich Lime” (s) A
  107. Helianthus “Cherry Rose” (s) A
  108. Helianthus “Jolly Joker” (s) A
  109. Helianthus “Ring of Fire” (s) A
  110. Helianthus “Vincent’s Fresh” (s) A
  111. Hellebore, single pink and double white  P
  112. Hesperis matronalis, “Alba” (s) P
  113. Iris, Dutch “Mixed” (b)
  114. Iris, Dutch “Discovery Blue” (b)
  115. Lavenders (various established plants on the slope) P
  116. Lavandins, “Grosso” and “Abrialli” P
  117. Lily, “Oriental Mix” (b)
  118. Lisianthus, “ABC 1 Mix” (s) A
  119. Lisianthus, “Arena Mix” (s) A
  120. Lisianthus, “Soiree Orange Flash” (s) A
  121. Lisianthus, “Voyage Mix” (s) A
  122. Lunaria alba (s, ss) Biennial dries
  123. Lupine, “Gallery Blue” and “Gallery Mix” (s) P FYF
  124. Marigold “Crackerjack Mix” (s) A
  125. Marigold “Sugar and Spice” (s) A
  126. Mignonette “White” (s) A fragrant filler
  127. Millet, “Lime Light Tassles” (s) A
  128. Millet, “Purple Majesty” (s) A
  129. Monarda “Lemon Mint (s) A
  130. Mountain Mint (s) P fragrant filler
  131. Nigella, “Blue”, “White” (s, ss) A
  132. Nigella, “Midnight” (s,ss) A
  133. Ornithogalum “Silver Bells” (b)
  134. Penstemon, “Wedding Bells” (s) A
  135. Phlox, “Blushing Bride” (s) A
  136. Phlox, “Creme Brulee” (s) A
  137. Phlox, “Grandiflora Mix” (s) A
  138. Phlox, “Coral Reef” (s) A
  139. Phlox, “Starry Eyes” (s) A
  140. Phlox “Sugar Stars” (s) A
  141. Ranunculus, “Sunset Mix” (corm)
  142. Ranunculus, “Mix” (corm)
  143. Ranunculus, “Picotee Cafe” (corm)
  144. Ranunculus, “Red & Yellow Mix”  (corm)
  145. Ranunculus, “Purple Sensation” (corm)
  146. Roses (various apricot tones in Deck Garden and Potager)
  147. Rudbeckia, “Chim Chimnee” (s) P
  148. Rudbeckia, Black-eyed Susan (p) P
  149. Rudbeckia, “Cherry Brandy” (s) P
  150. Rudbeckia, “Prairie Sun” (s) P
  151. Rudbeckia, “Sahara” (s) P
  152. Rudbeckia, various self-seeded over the years
  153. Salvia, “Blue Bedder” (s,ss) P dries
  154. Salvia “Summer Jewels Mix” (s) A
  155. Scabiosa, “Cut Brite Mix” (s) A
  156. Scabiosa, “Black Knight” (s) A
  157. Scabiosa, “Fata Morgana” (s) A
  158. Scabiosa, “House Hybrids” (s) P
  159. Shasta daisy, “May Queen” (s,ss) P
  160. Shasta daisy, “White Knight” (s) P
  161. Statice, “Heavenly Blue” (s) A dries
  162. Statice, “Seeker White” (s) A dries
  163. Statice, “Seeker Purple” (s) A dries
  164. Statice, “Mixed” (s) A dries
  165. Stock, “Anytime Mix” (s)
  166. Stock, “Vintage Mix” (s)
  167. Strawflower, “Apricot Mix” (s) A dries
  168. Sweet Pea, “Captain of the Blues” (s) A
  169. Sweet Pea, “Mollie Rileston (s) A
  170. Sweet Pea, “Mammoth Choice Mix” (s) A
  171. Sweet Pea “Old Spice Mix” (s) A
  172. Talinum, “Kingwood Gold” (s,ss) A
  173. Tansy (p) P filler
  174. Tithonia “Torch” (s) A
  175. Tulips “Peony Mix,” “Exotic Emperor,” “Mt. Tacoma,” “Sonnet,” “Purple Flag,” “Lightning Sun” and those I might cut from my gardens?
  176.  Wheat, “Black Tip” (s) A
  177. Yarrow, “Coronation Gold” (p) P dries
  178. Yarrow, “Summer Berries” (s) P
  179. Yarrow, White (p) P
  180. Zinna, “Benary Giant Orange” dahlia type (s) A
  181. Zinnia, “Benary Giant Mix” (s) A
  182.  Zinnia, “Benary Giant Lime” (s) A
  183.  Zinnia, “Cresto Orange” (s) A
  184.  Zinnia, “Double Flowered Lavender” (s) A
  185.  Zinnia, “Double Violet Queen” (s) A
  186.  Zinnia, “Eldorado” (s) A
  187.  Zinnia, “Envy” (s) A
  188.  Zinnia, “Inca” a cactus orange (s) A
  189.  Zinnia “Isabellina” (s) A
  190.  Zinnia, “Queen Lime Orange (s) A
  191. Zinnia, “Magna Mix” (s) A
  192. Zinnia, “Button Mix” (s) A
  193. Zinnia, “Cactus Mix” (s) A
  194. Zinnia, “Jazzy Mix” (s) A
  195. Zinnia, “Oklahoma Mix” (s) A
  196. Zinnia “Senorita” (s) A
  197. Zinnia, “State Fair Mix” (s) A
  198. Zinnia, “Peppermint Stick” (s) A
  199. Zinnia, “Whirligig” (s) A
  200. Zinnia, “Pumilia Cut & Come Again” (s) A
  201. Zinnia, “Sun Series Sunshine Mix” (s) A
  202. Zinnia, “Zinderella Mix” (s) A

(s)=seed (ss) = Self-seeds  (t)=tuber  (p)=plant  (b) bulb

A=Annual     P=Perennial   (FYF)=first year flowering