Cutting Garden Plants 2021

This was the very first bouquet in July 2017!
  1. Aster, “Matsumoto Apricot” (s) A
  2. Aster, “Bonita Light Blue” (s) P may not bloom until next year
  3. Antirrhinum, “Madame Butterfly Bronze” s A
  4. Antirrhinum, “Liberty Bronze” (s) A
  5. Blue Thimble Flower (s) A
  6. Calendula, “Bronze Beauty” (s) A
  7. Celosia, “Act Zara Orange” (s) A dries
  8. Celosia, “Fresh Look Orange” (s) A dries
  9. Celosia, “Neo” orange (s) A dries
  10. Celosia, “Sunday Series Orange” (s) A dries
  11. Celosia spicata “Celway Orange” (s) A dries
  12. Chrysanthemum, “Tall Orange” (p) P
  13. Chrysanthemum parthenium “White Wonder” (s) P dries
  14. Cosmos “Cupcake White” (s) A
  15. Daffodils (various)
  16. Dahlia, “Ginger Snap” (t)
  17. Dahlia, “Golden Scepter” (t)
  18. Dahlia, “Sunny Boy” (t)
  19. Dahlia, “Sylvia” (t)
  20. Dahlia,”Yellow Symphony” (t)
  21. Dahlia, “Zsa Zsa” (t)
  22. Daylily, “Mary Todd” (p) yellow
  23. Delphinium, “Magic Fountain Mid Blue White Bee” (s) P
  24. Delphinium, “Qis White” (s) A dries
  25. Delphinium, “Qis Light Blue” (s) A dries
  26. Emilia “Irish Poet” (s) A
  27. Gladiola “Hardy Dwarf” (corm)
  28. Gomphrena, “Qis Orange” (s) A dries
  29. Helianthus, “Earthwalker” (s) A
  30. Helianthus, “Peach Passion” (s) A
  31. Helianthus, “Premier Orange” (s) A
  32. Hesperis matronalis, “Alba” (s) P
  33. Lavenders (various established plants on the slope) P
  34. Lisianthus, “Super Magic Apricot” (s) A
  35. Lunaria alba (s) Biennial dries
  36. Lupine, Gallery Blue (these won’t bloom til next year) (s) P
  37. Ranunculus “Gold Mix” (corm)
  38. Rudbeckia, “Chim Chimnee” (s) P
  39. Rudbeckia, Black-eyed Susan (p) P
  40. Salvia, “Blue Bedder” (s) A dries
  41. Shasta daisy, “May Queen” (s) P
  42. Statice, “Heavenly Blue” (s) A dries
  43. Statice, “Apricot Shades” (s) A dries
  44. Strawflower, “Apricot Mix” (s) A dries
  45. Sweet Pea, “Captain of the Blues” (s) A
  46. Sweet Pea, “Mollie Rileston (s) A
  47. Sweet Pea, “Henry Eckford” (s) A
  48. Tithonia “Torch” (s) A
  49. Verbena bonariensis (ss) P
  50. Yarrow, “Coronation Gold” (p) P dries
  51. Yarrow, White (p) P
  52. Zinna, “Benary Orange” dahlia type (s) A
  53.  Zinnia “Cresto Orange” (s) A
  54. Zinnia, “Inca” a cactus orange (s) A
  55. Zinnia “Queen Lime Orange (s) A
  56. Zinnia “Queen Lime” (s) A

(s)=seed (ss) = Self-seeds  (t)=tuber  (p)=plant

A=Annual     P=Perennial