When a gardener buys….

a chair  chair  it’s likely to have a horticultural theme!  With some surprise, I realized that in all my long, long life I’ve never actually purchased a chair for myself.  Early in my home making years, furniture was usually hand-offs.  Then it was thrift stores or used furniture purchases.  It doesn’t make sense to buy new furniture with young children and pets.  I’ve bought a couple of sofas over the decades, and dining room furniture twice, but never a chair just for me…a chair with arm rests at just the right height for holding a book comfortably, a seat the correct height so my feet rest easily on the floor.  Decadence!  It even reclines!  The fabric is covered with wildflowers, horticultural script, plant book titles, ferns, dragonflies and botanical drawings.  I could spend an afternoon just reading my chair!  The only drawback?  With its light colored fabric, I’ll have to put on clean jeans when I come in from the garden.  But right now, with snow covering the ground and single digit temperatures on the way, I’ll just be staying indoors, feeling like a queen on her new throne!  Suggestions for good reading would be appreciated!


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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22 Responses to When a gardener buys….

  1. Oh, nice!!! Comfy and oh so lovely.

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  2. Margaret Reilly says:

    Your new chair is beautiful. I recommend reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I love the chair – what a wonderfully sensible, decadent purchase! I hope you enjoy many hours in it reading, planning and dreaming. I doubt if there are many books on garden techniques or plants which would have a great deal to teach you (though of course there are always new things to learn and most books will have a nugget of gold in them). So my suggestions are for books that come at it from a sli ghtly off-centre angle and which I have really enjoyed recently. The first is not strictly about gardening but has relevance for planting and maintaining a piece of the earth. It is, however a ‘marmite’ book – I loved it, others have hated it! It is ‘If Women Rose Rooted’ by Sharon Blackie about the importance of commiting to a place and engaging with it. The second is very much a gardening book but again unusual in that it encourages us to observe and listen to the land rather than seek to dominate it. ‘The Garden Awakening’ by Mary Reynolds. If you decide to read them I would love to know what you make of them.


  4. Such a lovely chair!

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  5. Green Magick says:

    What a lovely chair!

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  6. bcparkison says:

    Ye…lovely chair and looks so comfortable. Books…I have started rereading the Mitford series by Jan Karon. Simple the most delightful reading .I’m a simple person and while i read them years ago I had forgottn a lot. Just fun reading….nothing heavy.


  7. March Picker says:

    May you have many pleasurable, relaxing hours reading in that pretty new chair, Carolee!

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  8. Lee says:

    I’m usually one for simplicity – plain colours, ‘flat’ design. However, I do like this, especially as a ‘reading’ chair. May I ask where it’s from?


  9. Lovely! You will have lots of fun sitting in your comfortable new chair. A new chair is always a treat and you find more reasons than ever to sit there now. Enjoy!

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  10. Karen Jones says:

    Your chair is lovely ! It is funny that you conclude with the ” have to put clean jeans on” , that is the first thing I thought , after how pretty and comfortable it looks ! LOL !


  11. I had the same kind of realization a couple of years ago~ the majority of my wardrobe has some sort of botanical element. :0).


  12. I would have trouble with changing my jeans when coming in from the garden. During the gardening months, most of my jeans are dirty. Ha! I would probably opt for just tossing a comfy throw blanket over it. I’m a bit lazy about such things. But your chair is absolutely perfect for the consumate gardener that you are. Enjoy!


  13. I stuck to plain cream for my recliner but I covered it with a mat first and then a throw – anything to stop it getting dirty. I’m so envious of that lovely chair, I could compromise and get a horticultural inspired throw!

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