Orange you just loving it?

I just got a new camera, and I’m trying to learn to use it.  One of the reasons I decided I needed a new one (besides the fact that D & I were constantly wanting to take the single one we had in different directions) is the frustration in trying to capture the REAL colors I see, so you can see them, too.  As you know, my color palette is apricot, oranges, golds with touches of blue, purple and white.  The old point-and-shoot camera just didn’t do them justice. So, here are photos I just shot of some of the oranges in my garden.

Zinnia Lion 2 compressed  Zinnia “Mighty Lion”

Zinna Prof Apricot compressed  Zinnia “Profusion Apricot”

Tritoma Vanilla Orange compressed  Tritoma “Vanilla Orange”

Apricot dianthus compressed  Dianthus …wish I knew, I came without a tag, but it’s been blooming non-stop since I purchased it in early April!  I’d love more!

Butterflyweed compressed  Asclepias tuberosa, better known as Butterflyweed

Celosia Fresh Look Orange compressed Celosia “Fresh Look Orange.”  Very happy with this, and have it everywhere in borders and containers.  Not so happy with Celosia “Armour Salmon,” which turned out to be red.  UGH! I won’t even take its photo.

Coneflower Cantalope compressed  Coneflower “Cantalope”

Daylily Dbl Or compressed Daylily “Double Orange.”  I have lots of other orange, orange bi-colors, and apricot daylilies, but this is my favorite.

Lily Tiger compressed Tiger Lily….forget the name but it’s not the standard orange.

Marigold Hero Orange compressed Marigold “Hero Orange,” the workhorse of the potager center path borders.  Blooming constantly, and definitely in the garden in future years.

Nast Tip Top Apricot compressed Nasturtium “Tip Top Apricot.”  Has performed well despite the heat!  I had some darker orange ones, but they’ve languished.

Rudbeckia Chim var compressed A seedling from last year’s Rudbeckia “Chim Chiminee.”  Surprises are always nice.

Snap Liberty bronze compressed  Snapdragon “Liberty Bronze.”  Probably the most-commented upon plant in the gardens this year.  Definitely on next year’s list.

Tomato Orange Sun compressed  Not a flower, but these “Orange Sun” tomatoes have been large, delicious, and showy along the fence.

Tritoma 2 compressed  I have four varieties of tritoma…think this one is “Elvira” or maybe it’s this one…..

Tritoma compressed

Chard Orange  The Orange Chard is not as orange as I’d hoped, but maybe it will darken as the temperatures cool.

Rail planter compressed  The “Sedona” coleus from Proven Winners is always a success.  Here it adds height to a rail planter on the deck.

Pepper Orange Sun The “Orange Sun” peppers have been a great success….bags and bags already in the freezer and lots more to pick.

Lantana, coleus compressed  An orange lantana, which blooms despite our lack of rain, causing the butterflies to rejoice.

So, I’m still learning to use the camera, but you can see that there is lots of orange and apricot in my gardens, which makes me very happy.  Orange is a color for energy, vitality, and power.  If you have a favorite orange flower or veggie that I haven’t shown here, let me know and I’ll look for it for my garden next year.



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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5 Responses to Orange you just loving it?

  1. From a fellow orange lover, Dahlia ‘Orange Marmalade’ Tithtonia, Chard ‘Fantasia Orange’ are all worth trying. Happy growing !


  2. Robin E. says:

    Great photos and beautiful flowers! Thanks for giving the names where you know them. I must try some of these. My garden is full of tithonia, zinnias and tagetes marigolds this year and we’re loving all the oranges and hot colors. It’s a beautiful time of year.


  3. Rita says:

    Beautiful pics, I really enjoy your posts!


  4. Juliemason says:

    What a lovely display of orange – my garden has only a few orange flowers – crocks is Lucifer & another – can’t remember the name, & also orange Geums. I also have some squash flowers more yellow than orange though:)


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