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Saving seed

This time of year, when I’m searching through the seed catalogs and seeing the increased prices I wonder “WHY in the heck didn’t I save more seed?!?!” Or course, I’d still peruse the catalogs for any new, exciting varieties but … Continue reading

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November: Monthly Review

“Better late than never” applies to this monthly review post. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been scrambling to get items crossed off the “outdoor job list” before the snow flies again and the ground freezes solid. For some … Continue reading

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Nothing is simple…

This unexpected spell of warm weather totally turned my job list topsy-turvy. My goal had been to get all 1600 plus bulbs planted before the storms that are forecast arrive. However, when the thermometer reached 65 degrees F, it was … Continue reading

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October: Monthly Review

As I write this, I’m watching the first of the golden leaves of the black walnut trees falling like lazy snowflakes, through the windows formerly blocked by shrubbery! It’s a bit later in the morn than when I took this … Continue reading

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Bulb orders for 2022 Spring! Part 1 Tulips & Alliums

Yes, it’s that time already to order bulbs for fall planting, which means thinking about the plans for SPRING! The first order was placed in late June and was mainly tulips…lots of tulips. Last spring, so many of the tulips … Continue reading

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August: Monthly review

Yet another month just flew by! Overall, August was hot and dry, very dry so much of the time was spent watering. As I look at this photo, I am reminded of all the days with gorgeous blue skies. I … Continue reading

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Playing Catch-up…or is that ketchup?

As the heat wave and lack of rain continue, much of my time is spent dragging hoses and watering, watering, watering. I’m just trying to keep the potager and the 3 main flower gardens as healthy as I can, but … Continue reading

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Rain is magic!

It’s been strange to listen to the evening news week after week, with the “local” (that is Indianapolis, which is NOT local to us) weatherman bemoaning how wet the summer has been. Lakes in southern Indiana are at record levels … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: July 17

Welcome to this “Six on Saturday” post (amazingly halfway through July already!!!) from north central Indiana. Let’s begin with a promised report on using leek blossoms as a cut flower. As you may recall, I was skeptical about them mainly … Continue reading

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Shallots are in!

Right on schedule, the shallots were ready to harvest. The tops were beginning to dry and had fallen over at the neck. A light tug on one resulted in an easy release from the soil, because the roots had begun … Continue reading

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