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And February just flew by!

I intended to do a February monthly review in a timely fashion, but here it is March 9th already! It’s always perplexed me how a month that’s only two days shorter than most of the others SEEMS so very much … Continue reading

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February: Monthly review

Let’s just begin the review of February by saying that we received only 31% of the possible hours of sunshine for the month. I didn’t even know such records were kept until our local weatherman reported it at month’s end. … Continue reading

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January: Monthly review

Once again I have dawdled in getting the monthly review out in a timely fashion. January seems long ago. I can barely remember New Year’s Eve and the entire month seems like one long, gray blur. Normally here in north … Continue reading

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December: Monthly Review

This post closes out the final month of 2021, the dreary month of December that would be nearly unbearable if it were not for the cheery holiday decorations, Christmas movies, special dishes (even if there is no one to share … Continue reading

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November: Monthly Review

“Better late than never” applies to this monthly review post. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been scrambling to get items crossed off the “outdoor job list” before the snow flies again and the ground freezes solid. For some … Continue reading

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October: Monthly Review

As I write this, I’m watching the first of the golden leaves of the black walnut trees falling like lazy snowflakes, through the windows formerly blocked by shrubbery! It’s a bit later in the morn than when I took this … Continue reading

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September: Monthly Review

This post has been a long time coming, and there are no valid excuses other than the oft heard “life happens” or “it’s been busy” or “writer’s block” and truthfully, it’s been a bit of all those. The looming threat … Continue reading

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August: Monthly review

Yet another month just flew by! Overall, August was hot and dry, very dry so much of the time was spent watering. As I look at this photo, I am reminded of all the days with gorgeous blue skies. I … Continue reading

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July: Monthly review

Another month came to a close recently, but it seems barely noticed. That ritual of tearing off, or turning the calendar page to a new picture has been replaced by just a glance at the date on my phone that … Continue reading

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June: Monthly review

June has finished, and although the gardener was often distracted by family matters, the garden carried on and charged ahead. Plants have nearly reached the top of the trellises and are spilling into paths. The daylilies are in full bloom … Continue reading

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