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To the rescue!

Just when I thought I couldn’t shovel and more another wheelbarrow load of mulch, my wonderful daughter arrived for a visit! She usually comes just before they leave for their months in Italy, but this year she came a week … Continue reading

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Raised beds

I love my raised beds. As soon as the idea of a potager began to emerge, there was no question that raised beds would be a major factor. There had not been many raised beds in my prior gardens, but … Continue reading

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Getting a little seedy down there!

It’s mid-February, so the seeding has increased in pace here in Zone 5b, central Indiana. At least, it feels like 5b at 16 degrees F this morning with a thin layer of snow on the ground. We dodged the latest … Continue reading

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I grew up eating salsify (always pronounced SAL-sif-eye at home, but recently I watched a video where it was pronounced sal-sih-FEE!) and assumed that everyone else ate it also, but seemingly that is not the case. We commonly ate it … Continue reading

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The Last Tomato

January 7th, the date we ate the last fresh tomato of the 2021 season! It was only after I diced it up to put on tacos that it dawned on me that I should take a photo of the final … Continue reading

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December: Monthly Review

This post closes out the final month of 2021, the dreary month of December that would be nearly unbearable if it were not for the cheery holiday decorations, Christmas movies, special dishes (even if there is no one to share … Continue reading

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It’s Potager Planning Time again!

It’s that time of year when my thoughts are filled with next year’s potager. At my age thoughts come and go, so it’s best to get them down on paper. You may recall that last year I did an extended … Continue reading

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I’m really DIGGING it!

These cooler October days are great for physical labor, so I’ve been digging. Actually I’ve been double digging, adding another foot to the Cutting Garden’s west edge. A foot may not sound like much, but since the Cutting Garden is … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Oct. 23

Only one week of October is left, and we’ve yet to have a frost! Highly unusual, but I’m not complaining at all. The days have been sunny and reasonably warm, with chilly evenings down in the mid 40’s to 50’s. … Continue reading

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September: Monthly Review

This post has been a long time coming, and there are no valid excuses other than the oft heard “life happens” or “it’s been busy” or “writer’s block” and truthfully, it’s been a bit of all those. The looming threat … Continue reading

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