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Corm Comparison: Ranunculus

It’s time here in Zone 5 to pre-sprout the ranunculus corms. The first batch was soaked and planted in a flat, placed in the dark corner of the basement where it’s cool and will be ignored for at least a … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings to ALL!

Since I’ve been so VERY lacking in posting in recent months, I’m sharing our Christmas letter with you so you’ll be all caught up. I promise I’ll get back to regular posting after the holidays! It’s time for yet another … Continue reading

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Will there be any GLADness?

Way back in winter, when garden daydreams grow larger and larger and the Growing Kindness Project plans were escalating, I ordered some gladiola corms. The first order was simply a standard mix of white, pink, orange, “blue” which is always … Continue reading

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“Growing Kindness” is underway!

The first five bouquets have been delivered this week for the “Growing Kindness Project.” Two went to ladies at nursing homes, one went to a couple in assisted living who just lost their beloved dog, one went to a shut-in … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: The planting has begun!

There really wasn’t a choice. The basement space is packed; the greenhouse is packed and yet there are hundreds of seedlings down there still needing their own personal pot! So, as soon as the weather cooperated in the least bit … Continue reading

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Yielding to Temptation

Winter days are too long. The internet makes too many things possible. Gardeners show too many gorgeous photos. I have too little self-restraint. Thus, some additional dahlias are heading my way! But, as justification for the photo above, my mother’s … Continue reading

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The monster Geo Order!

There is always a fall order of seeds from Geo, but it hasn’t been this large since I closed the herb farm. However, with all the new plans for next year’s “Growing Kindness Project” bouquets I decided to indulge. There … Continue reading

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And yet more bulbs!

So, have I mentioned that next year I’m delving much heavier into flowers? Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (always a trouble-maker!) and I’ve come to a few conclusions: 1) I’m getting bored growing vegetables and my larders … Continue reading

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Singing in the Rain!

We had a brief morning shower on Thursday, less than 1/4″ but the plants were grateful and so was I! Hoping for more, I stayed indoors and canned tomato juice, and made a big batch of my friend Ruth’s “Country … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Aug 14

It’s yet another Saturday, hazy from the western wildfires all the way here to Indiana! It’s been hot and humid, with hardly any rain still but somehow with the heavy morning dew the crops are managing. August is always an … Continue reading

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