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Spring Bulbs: Part 2 Daffodils

Daffodil season has to be one of my very favorite times of the year. Anticipating the first crocus is exciting, but they are a bit short for a bouquet. However, when the daffodils begin bursting into flower it’s time to … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: March 27

Greetings on this sunny Saturday, amazingly, the final Saturday of this rapid month! For our SOS, let’s take a little walking tour this morning, beginning out the front door, where the traditional (1) Front Door Pot finally has a new … Continue reading

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Daffodil Evaluation

Sadly, the final daffodil has wilted, so it’s time to do the numbers. First of all, let me clarify that I’m not a purist, so I use the term “daffodil” to include all the daffodils, narcissus, and jonquils as a … Continue reading

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Radishes & and other bits!

There’s something so appealing about radishes. Maybe it’s that early reward, seemingly only days after planting those little brown ball seeds, or their cheerful color, or the spicy flavor and crispy crunch they offer. Harvesting radishes always makes me smile, … Continue reading

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The Goodness of Spring

Most people love Spring, that time of rebirth and renewal. This year, our spring has seemed exceptionally vibrant. While we haven’t had the extended string of beautiful, sunny days that Britain has experienced (this has been one of the coldest … Continue reading

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Yes, everyone is feeling more than a bit edgy these days. I’ve found that only hard outdoor work gives me reasonable sleep at night and a sense of near normal. Plus it feeds my sense of accomplishment when I can … Continue reading

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A Typical Hoosier Spring

Earlier this week the temperatures hit 80 degrees! T-shirt weather and I was able to accomplish so much! Plants were growing at an amazing rate. Just keeping the Bloom Journal caught up took several minutes each day. People ask why … Continue reading

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Just a bit of sunshine…

A welcome change this for this morning’s walkabout…no rain! Instead we have a beautiful, although crispy 30 degree F, sunny morning. Determined to make the most of it, I took my daily walk to look for changes in the garden … Continue reading

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Planting the bulbs

I’ve been planting this year’s bulb order whenever the weather is decent, the ground not too soggy, and I have a bit of time. Yes, I’m running later than usual, but generally as long as they are in the ground … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: April 20

  It’s raining for the 4th day in a row, with a blustery wind so some of the photos for today are a bit blurry!   A couple were taken during a break in the rain just as the sun … Continue reading

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