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Top Ten Performers: #9 Daffodils

In evaluating the Top Ten Performers of the 2022’s bouquet project, we’ve focused on those flowers that have a very long bloom period, provide a lot of bulk & visual interest in bouquets, play well with others, and are versatile. … Continue reading

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Belated Valentine’s Greetings!

Hope that on Valentine’s Day you had some sweetness of one kind or another, or of many kinds! I have enjoyed my many amaryllis bulbs coming into flower over the past weeks, but these bright orange “Nanjara” really outdid themselves … Continue reading

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Minding the Gap

In many growing areas, including my Zone 5 gardens, there is a “gap” in cut flower production in May. Depending upon the area, the weather, and when seeds were sown that gap can be one to three weeks. That’s not … Continue reading

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Top Ten Performer # 3: Agastaches

This one may surprise a few people! Some may not even recognize the scientific name “agastache” and only know a member of this family by its common name, “Anise Hyssop.” I started growing this plant way back in the late … Continue reading

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Top 10 Performers in 2022: #1…ZINNIAS!

Today begins a series of posts about the flowers that I found most useful for bouquets during the 2022 growing season. They will appear in the order in which I felt they were most important, which is why I’m beginning … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings to ALL!

Since I’ve been so VERY lacking in posting in recent months, I’m sharing our Christmas letter with you so you’ll be all caught up. I promise I’ll get back to regular posting after the holidays! It’s time for yet another … Continue reading

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Is it really mid-September?

The morning haze and temperatures in the mid-fifties indicates that it is indeed mid-September! But, how can that be since it was only a few weeks ago that the soil was warm enough to seed zinnias and plant out tomatoes? … Continue reading

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Will there be any GLADness?

Way back in winter, when garden daydreams grow larger and larger and the Growing Kindness Project plans were escalating, I ordered some gladiola corms. The first order was simply a standard mix of white, pink, orange, “blue” which is always … Continue reading

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Let’s start to Catch Up…

It’s been a long time since our last chat. April 23rd to be exact. Spring flowers were bursting on the scene, daffodil harvest for the “Growing Kindness Project” bouquets was in full swing (and the project taking lots more time … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: April 23

After a roller coaster week of weird weather that included a blanket of snow, thankfully currently the only (1) “Glory in the Snow” is the lovely little blue flower of that name. They also come in pink (yuk!) and white … Continue reading

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