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It’s Snowing!

“It’s snowing!” Once upon a time, I shouted those words with glee, now I stand at the window and shudder, and feel relief that I’m not required to go out in that blustery weather. The first snowfall brings mixed emotions. … Continue reading

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Biding my time…

In my last post, “Resisting the Urge,” my growing impatience to get growing emerged. There were “Oregon Giant” snow peas planted on one of the potager’s trellises, but then planting was halted. The ground is so very dry, and the … Continue reading

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February: Monthly Review

Snow arrived on January 31st and remained until February 26, except for a few piles where the driveway was plowed, and patches in the shade of the Lady Cottage and gazebo. I don’t know how more northern folks manage the … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Suddenly we have some sunshine, and I can’t express how welcome it is after weeks of gloomy days. I think I missed being able to witness sunsets almost as much as I miss sunshine during the day! Last night’s sunset … Continue reading

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January: Monthly review

The first month of 2021 was not very memorable, nor filled with the optimism of past January’s. Like December, is was mostly gray and drab outdoors, so I left the Christmas tree up and the nutcrackers out the entire month … Continue reading

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The Last photo challenge

I don’t normally participate in challenges or memes, other than “Six on Saturday” but in an effort in 2021 to be more sociable, I’m joining Brian (aka Bushboy) in his “Last photo of 2020” challenge. The rules are simple: 1. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to ALL!

Not much of a white Christmas, but we’ll take it! May your home be filled with the sounds of Christmas pleasures today. Ours is quiet, with soft holiday music in the background and the scent of a Christmas meal cooking. … Continue reading

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The shortest day, the longest night

The Winter Solstice is always much-anticipated, not that in reality it seems much different from the days just prior and afterwards. It’s the message that counts, like turning the page on a calendar, or opening the first page of a … Continue reading

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February in Review

Our high hopes for February expressed last month were not included in Mother Nature’s plans.  Out of 28 days, there were only 7 with any sunshine.  Temperatures remained so cold that schools were cancelled some days.  Some days were snowy … Continue reading

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Let the Transplanting begin!

  D had to make the long trip to the city (Indy) so I took advantage of his need by combining it with a trip to the greenhouse supply store on the south side.  He would have preferred to take … Continue reading

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