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Top Ten Performers: #9 Daffodils

In evaluating the Top Ten Performers of the 2022’s bouquet project, we’ve focused on those flowers that have a very long bloom period, provide a lot of bulk & visual interest in bouquets, play well with others, and are versatile. … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Feb 25

Today I am counting my blessings. Many others in Zone 5 are under a heavy blanket of snow, dealing with ice and power outages, and other weather-related problems. We have a lovely, although chilly but sunny day. With tea and … Continue reading

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Minding the Gap

In many growing areas, including my Zone 5 gardens, there is a “gap” in cut flower production in May. Depending upon the area, the weather, and when seeds were sown that gap can be one to three weeks. That’s not … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: April 23

After a roller coaster week of weird weather that included a blanket of snow, thankfully currently the only (1) “Glory in the Snow” is the lovely little blue flower of that name. They also come in pink (yuk!) and white … Continue reading

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Interesting how the dozens and dozens of clumps of plants dug in only 30 minutes (see this post if you missed it!) took over 8 hours to replant! Also interesting if you know me well, that I didn’t take time … Continue reading

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30 minutes warning & The Big Dig

Several weeks ago, after the snow had melted I noticed a water leak at the well head. See the rust coated soil? There was a steady, but thankfully very light constant trickle but obviously it must be repaired. The company … Continue reading

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Spring has arrived!

I posted this photo on Fb earlier this week, and many responses from “locals” was “It’s too early!” After all, it is just mid-March, but checking my bloom journal for the prior three years the spring blooms are actually right … Continue reading

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Spring is creeping in!

Yes, I know. It’s still officially winter, but the positive bubbles within me are beginning to rise. Yes, we have snow again, but it’s just a tiny skiff and the sky is blue, the days are getting longer and when … Continue reading

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November: Monthly Review

“Better late than never” applies to this monthly review post. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been scrambling to get items crossed off the “outdoor job list” before the snow flies again and the ground freezes solid. For some … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Dec. 4th

It’s been a good while since I last wrote, not because I had nothing to say but because outdoor work has been keeping me away from the computer! I’ve been pushing hard to get all the bulbs planted, gardens tidied … Continue reading

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