Things I should have known by now

At my advanced age, the number of things that I haven’t yet learned (or have forgotten) is still surprising.  Here’s a few of yesterday’s revelations:

  1. Cleaning the Front Island, which is located around and under black walnut trees, without a hard hat on a windy day can be dangerous!  Here are some photos of the  4 loads of walnuts that I took out of this one garden…many of them were launched and landed within a hair’s breadth of my body!Walnut 1 Walnut 2 OK, you get the picture…there are 3 more, but I’ll spare you the download time.
  2. Since black walnut trees and all their parts are toxic to most plants, putting the leaves I took out of the garden into the compost pile is a bad, bad idea.  I caught myself on that mistake just in the knick of time!
  3. A job is not over, until it’s over….observe the Front Island today Walnut 5 I’m going to wait for a still day.  It’s windy and hazardous today.
  4. Hostas need water.  Yes, I knew that, but when we added guttering to the screened porch, I didn’t think, and didn’t compensate for the new, much drier conditions.  Thus I have ugly hostas that look like this! Hostas ugly  Embarassing!
  5. Lost tools never show up until you buy their replacement.
  6. The “days to maturity” on seed packets is determined for late spring/early summer conditions.  In fall, as days grow shorter and light is weaker, additional days must be added….I probably have not added enough, so unless we have a late, late frost or put on polytunnels, some things probably won’t produce. (sigh…)
  7. If one seeds in every space as it becomes available to extend the season, suddenly it is time to plant garlic, and there is NO SPACE for it!!!Potager 10-1-17  Hmmm.  What’s going to be sacrificed?  Probably will harvest the basil and most of the pepper plants?
  8. If one has not seeded beans at the correct time, there are no beans to eat, except the ones just canned.  Make a note in the planting journal for next year!
  9. If one goes on vacation, the squash bugs win.  Trust me, you don’t want to see the photos of dead, dead vines…..
  10. If one actually cuts bouquets from a Cutting Garden, it shouldn’t need deadheading.  Obviously, I’m terrible at remembering to make bouquets. CG ugly This gomphrena and blue salvia is long past pretty.
  11. The garden season never lives up to the long, excited anticipation that grows into fantasy during the long winter.  I always feel let down, that I didn’t do it quite right, that there were too many should-have-dones, that the season was WAY TOO SHORT!

About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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16 Responses to Things I should have known by now

  1. freds64 says:

    Number 5 is so true.

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  2. You make me smile, AND feel better about my little bits of (oft-mismanaged) garden! Sometimes it just seems like a whole new world every day.

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  3. I know what you mean! The summer, and good growing season is just not long enough. I have to say though, that even if the garden never lives up to the original expectations, it usually delights and surprises just as much, but in a different way! Your potager still looks lovely and by now you have probably found a spot to put the garlic, which will be the start of a whole new garden cycle. Have fun!

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  4. bcparkison says:

    And squash bug eat pretty fast. lol
    Hostas do need rain like everything else but the rain coming off of my porch which doesn’t have a gutter just tears the leaves up.I need a gutter or move the hostas.
    Black walnuts do make a grand mess but what do you do with them. They are hard to crack and don’t have much inside. My grandmother use to say they make good dye or stain.I have heard of walnut cake but never tried one.


  5. terrifortner says:

    This is so true. Winter turns garden plans to fantasy. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. How true! Lovely piece…. still looking for my shears…


  7. I enjoyed your post a great deal! We had to bug out for a month -entertaining guests.
    Nothing weeded, watered, tended to …I wrote a post about it called, “The Effortless Garden” – joking aside..Most garderners have had to endure their own blunders, and I am one of those blunderers. Don’t take it to hard. There’s always next year!


  8. Kit Miracle says:

    I hear you about the walnuts. I have been dodging them for a few weeks now. Just waiting for the scouts to come pick them up!


  9. Margy says:

    I know what you mean about having no space to plant garlic. I decided this year to plant a fall and winter garden, consequently there isn’t a spot right now for the garlic. I may have to sacrifice some kale plants just to get a few inches to use. – Margy


  10. katkarradz says:

    Number 5 on the list is so true of everything!


  11. Robbie says:

    I agree # 5 is true. In fact, I sometimes find them the next year laying in the garden someplace I placed them among the beds:-)


  12. Hi, Carolee, I really enjoyed this post when it went live, and have re-read it since. It kind of makes me feel less incompetent, knowing even super gardeners such as you could goof up sometimes.
    I was wondering… would you allow me to borrow this piece as a guest post on my blog? It would be a followup to my upcoming gardening confession.
    Hoping your back is feeling better by now,
    Jan (Zone 8)


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