Singing in the Rain!

Only a 5 minute rain, but we’re thankful for every drop!

We had a brief morning shower on Thursday, less than 1/4″ but the plants were grateful and so was I! Hoping for more, I stayed indoors and canned tomato juice, and made a big batch of my friend Ruth’s “Country Garden Pasta Sauce.” That helped clear some space on my counter again and emptied some buckets.

When the rain stopped, I hurried out to harvest. The melons are ripening SO FAST in this heat. I picked 5 more, plus some cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Did a little weeding, hoping that the rain had softened the soil a bit, but the moisture was only paper thin, so there was more deadheading until the heat and humidity drove me back indoors. Thus you get a post two days in a row!

One of last week’s give-away bouquets.

As promised, I wanted to report on the durability of “Mandarin Orange” balm as a filler in bouquets. It’s working great, holding up well, retaining color and form much, much better than lemon balm. This bouquet has “Earthwalker” sunflowers, rudbeckia, tansy, feverfew, “Fresh Look Orange” celosia, “Cresto” zinnias, Queen Anne’s lace, the balm, “Blue Bedder” salvia and strawflowers. I’ve been making lots of notes for next year’s Cutting Garden. This year I grew strawflowers for the first time in years, and now I remember why I quit growing them. They close up when put in water, and only look great dried if they are picked off their stem and wired, which is way too much work for me at this stage. We did thousands that way when we made wreaths and dried arrangements for sale, but I’m not interested in doing that, so no strawflowers next year. Their space will go to more lisianthus!

Another give-away bouquet

I left this photo large on purpose so you can really see the talinum, those tiny balls on airy stems. Normally I condense photos so they download quickly. If you live in the country with iffy download speeds like we do, one can go have tea while waiting for it to appear. I love the talinum (“Kingwood Gold”) because those little balls can appear pink, orange, or red depending upon what they are combined with. This bouquet contains the “apricot” lisianthus, which is definitely pink. Next year I’m growing a white variety, a green variety, and maybe a purple one. The lisianthus can last up to three weeks in a vase and I think it’s gorgeous. I’ll definitely add more of the “Bonita” asters, since the “blue” (which appears purple) ones have done so very well. It’s a crop that will need to be succession planted, as they are all ready at once, and are a single stem/one cut plant. I’m testing some as a dried flower, but I’ve already decided to add some white and “light blue” as well. A little boneset as filler, hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace, “Blue Bedder” salvia, a “volunteer” celosia that for some odd reason was actually a deep, deep rose, and a bit of feverfew finished this one. The “Blue Bedder” salvia looks a little droopy, but I assure you it straitens up after it’s been in the water a bit longer. I hadn’t conditioned these flowers before I made the arrangements, so I gave them a day in a cool location before delivering them and they looked fine.

I’ve really enjoyed creating bouqets, using a variety of flowers from the Cutting Garden, some odd bits from along the woods, and some of my beloved herbs. Learning a lot as I go, and looking forward to adding more variety for next year! Blessing to all, dear readers!


About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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10 Responses to Singing in the Rain!

  1. bcparkison says:

    For lack of rain every thing looks lovely.

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  2. swesely says:

    Your lisianthus are lovely, and I really like the sunflower, too. After whining at you about the lack, we got a LOT of rain – almost 3″ so far, and it looks like we may get more throughout the next week. And I think the 90F days are gone, too. Maybe Ida will force some moisture toward you. I hope so!

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  3. How wonderful for you! and not just for your garden. Doesn’t your skin feel more relaxed when it rain cool moisture? I miss it.

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  4. Bonnie Carrell says:

    As usual, the rain has gone around my area! We got a smidgen. Didn’t even wet the blacktop drive. I’ll have to go out and water the garden so the rain will come here. Glad you got some as you have lots more to water than I. Do love your flower arrangements. Beautiful. It’s nice to have a good variety of plants to pick from. Didn’t realize that the Lisianthus was such a good cut flower. Will take that into consideration for next year. Thanks for all of your tutelage and ideas. Love ya. B.


  5. Sanity Looms says:

    Beautiful bouquets!


  6. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Your growing conditions make me wilt! It is hard enough keeping up with watering here in a very soggy and ‘not too hot’ part of the world. Your bouquets are gorgeous.


    • carolee says:

      Looking ahead…with all the factors of climate change, I’m beginning to think this is a darn good place to live! Not too coastal or danger of flooding, not to high with major, long winters. Yes, we may have some water issues, but not as bad as out West and we have some heat that can be uncomfortable at times….Unless we become a “Dust Bowl”. Surely it can’t get too bad in my lifetime since I’m old, but I’m glad I won’t have to deal with what our grandchildren will face. Yes, the flowers are gorgeous, but Mother Nature get the credit for that! I just pick them!

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        I am with you on climate change. But even so I am going to have to adapt – more rainwater storage is high on my list. As to the flowers – you choose them, sow them, nurse the seedlings, plant them out and water them. I think you deserve some of the credit!

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