Too much temptation!

As the record cold weather continues (it was 4 degrees this morning….in MARCH!) and the view is still of snow, snow, snow my brain is stuck dreaming of the upcoming garden rather than actually doing anything IN the garden, it’s too easy to yield to temptation.  As I scrolled through photos of last year’s blooms, I noticed holes here and there that really need to be filled, and areas that could be expanded just a bit for balance.   Plus there was a big lack of apricot and orange once the tulips were gone, but before the zinnias came into power.  Thus the visit to Schreiner’s amazing website.  Who knew there were so many irises available with just a click?  Sadly, they won’t be shipped until July (a proper time for planting in our area, although I’ve pretty much planted or moved irises any time the ground is thawed!) so it will be a wait until 2020 for blooms, but I am patient. (Sometimes!)  Here’s what made it into my basket (after much reduction from the initial unrestrained spree, due to budget considerations!  There really were dozens that struck my fancy, and I’d love to be able to afford some of the fragrant and reblooming varieties, but they are pricey!)

Because iris borers are a problem here, and they are difficult to battle if chemicals are not used (and I don’t use them) I chose mostly the dwarf and shorter irises, which seem less prone to borers.  They also bloom earlier than the tall German Bearded iris, so it will spread out the flowering period.  My first selection is 12″ Iris Jive  “Jive” which is a cheery combination of orange with deep purple marking on the falls.  Next comes  13″ “Decorum” which is similar, but a softer pale apricot with that startlingly Iris Decorum brilliant deep blue beard.  And for an earlier bloom  “April Fanfare.”  Iris April Fanfare  I can’t wait to see it in person…lavender with touches of apricot.  These could look great combined with one of my favorite violas, “Penny Peach Jump Up” which are also a combination of peach and lavender petals.  I already have a mid-sized May-blooming peach and also a deep purple mid-sized one, so hopefully the timing will work out great.  Couldn’t resist a couple of tall German bearded selections, despite the risk of borers, because they bloom later and should really help fill in the gaps.  I’ll just try to be more vigilant and do more research on eliminating borers.  Here’s 36″ tall midseason blooming  Iris Parisian Dawn  “Parisian Dawn” which is just gorgeous, as is this 34″ beautiful soft orange variety called “Lace Legacy” which will bloom

Iris Lace Legacy    midseason.  Both are supposed to be very large bloom heads.  The last choice “Delirium” is a bit different, but dramatic and should look terrific against the brick of the house, so it’s destined for the Addition Garden, which has no irises at present and definitely needs some!  “Delirium” is classified as an Intermediate Iris at 27″ in height.  Iris Delirium  And lastly is my “free bonus” for ordering, Iris “Always and Forever” which I think will fit in nicely in the potager’s front border near the deep purple clematis.  Iris Always and Forever  No iris are grown inside the potager’s fence since they are not edible, but outside the fence anything goes/grows.  So that’s my bit of consolation for yet another week of unpleasant weather.  My bank account certainly hopes that I can return to long hours in the gardens SOON!



About carolee

A former professional herb and lavender grower, now just growing for joy in my new potager. When I'm not in the garden, I'm in the kitchen, writing, or traveling to great gardens.
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8 Responses to Too much temptation!

  1. veggiewhatnow says:

    These are so striking! ❤️

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  2. Wowsah, what colors! And one of my favorite flowers. Interested to read you divide and plant irises as soon as the ground is thawed. I always debate, and as I didn’t do it last fall, I’ll do it with confidence this spring.

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  3. Lauren says:

    The beard on Decorum and April Fanfare stopped me in my tracks! So pretty!

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  4. bcparkison says:

    Oh how I love Iris. It has always just amazed me that something so paper thin can unfurl from that tight bud. Nature is truely wonderful.

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  5. These additions will look amazing (‘Jive’ is my personal favorite from your selection of new garden treasures). I truly hope you’ll share photos when you get blooms in 2020.

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  6. Stevebfineart says:

    I must admit, you have chosen one of my favourite flowering plant here, even when not in bloom the dagger type leaf lends itself to beautiful structure in the garden..

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  7. Penny Peach Jump gets my vote!! 💕

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