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Lettuce improve our lettuce production!

I admit it. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while, ordering the same lettuce seeds year after year. There’s good reason for that, of course. Growing the varieties that have proven themselves as reliable and productive in the … Continue reading

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Of cabbages and kings!

With the inauguration nearly upon us, my mind has been thinking a lot about succession, of kings and queens, and presidents….and vegetables. “Cabbages and kings.” Last year, I found a little trick for creating a bit more space for succession … Continue reading


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Time well spent!

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday doing only two things! The first was attempting to get an appointment for a Covid vaccination, since our governor announced that those 70 years and older could now apply. The first attempt was … Continue reading

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August: Monthly Review

August can be summed up in 3 words…”HOT, DRY, Bountiful!” Only a lot of hose dragging enabled the last word to be included. Despite efforts to keep things watered, some plants just gave up the struggle. The only saving grace … Continue reading

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The Alliums are invading!

I’m growing more alliums than usual this year, but not quite as many shallots. It wasn’t my choice to grow fewer, but last year was so wet that many of the shallots began to rot before their tops even considered … Continue reading

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Thinning the carrots

The first planting of carrots actually looked good from the start, and have been ready to use for three weeks or so (or earlier if I wanted baby carrots.) And so when the second planting, shown below, was coming along, … Continue reading

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A Welcome Rain

I haven’t written in a while, because the weather has just been too good to stay indoors, and by the time I quit gardening for the day my brain is too tired to compose thoughtful content. I pushed hard, planting … Continue reading

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French Horticultural Beans

It’s pouring rain again, so a good time to reflect more on last year’s potager. Revisiting the monthly photos was a good way to recall crops. Realizing what is getting used often from the freezer and pantry is also influencing … Continue reading

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I’ve been finalizing the spring planting plan for the potager.  It’s a lot easier to move crops around on paper and make good decisions than it is outdoors in the heady rush of spring.  Good planning makes sure that succession … Continue reading

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Carrots, please!

As recently reported in my “December in Review” one of the potager’s crops that needs planning improvement is carrots.  I recall that there were gaps in production and at times there weren’t enough to meet needs, but a quick check … Continue reading

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